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Ann Panter

NameAnn Panter     descendant tree, etc
NoteAnn's husband came to Desborough with his family between 1854 and 1858. Like his father he worked as a railway labourer. The fact that he and Ann married in Yorkshire suggests that they ran away to get married without her parents' consent. Sadly Thomas died within 4 years and Ann returned home, their daughter Elizabeth being born in Desborough. She may possibly have returned to Desborough to have her child before Thomas died as the birth was registered the quarter before his death.
FatherJames Panter
MotherAnn Foster
Bornabout 1843  (source: England & Wales Census)
Married Thomas Keyte 

1841 Census

1851 Census: Desborough
199Pottock LaneCensus date: 30 March 1851
James PanterHead Marr 51 Grocer & DraperDesborough 
Ann PanterWife Marr 40 Desborough 
Ann Panterdaur 8 Desborough 
Joseph FosterNephew 14 Grocer & DraperDesborough 

1861 Census: Desborough
93Poddock LaneCensus date: 7 April 1861
James PanterHead Mar 54 ? GrocerDesborough 
Ann PanterWife Mar 49 GrocerDesborough 
Ann PanterDaur Un 18 GrocerDesborough 
James PanterSon Un ? Grocer's SonDesborough 

1871 Census: Desborough
96Paddock LaneCensus date: 2 April 1871
Ann PanterHead Wid 60 GrocerDesborough 
James PanterSon Un 22 Grocer'sSonDesborough 
Annie KeyteDaur Wid 28 Desborough 
Elizabeth A KeyteGd Daur 3 ScholarDesborough 
Sarah WymanVisitor 20 House MaidWollaston  Northamptonshire

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

1939 Census

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