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William Perkins


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   12841 1.0 William Perkinsmale
12373 Father: William Perkins   b. before 1747 at Desborough   bur. 22 Sep 1775 at St Giles, Desborough
12374 Mother: Elizabeth Robinson   b. before 1747 at Desborough
Baptism: 19 Jun 1774 at Desborough (source reads 'Willm the son of Willm and Elizth Perkins')Bp Transcripts Desb

Married: Rebecca [not known]  before 1794Est. from child
b. before 1776

Baptism: 06 Nov 1794 at Desborough (source reads 'Willm son of Willm & Rebecka Perkins')Bp Transcripts Desb
Married: Jane [not known]  before 1818Est. from child
b. about 1793, at Desborough

Birth: 26 Dec 1817, at DesboroughRowell Ind Chapel Reg
Baptism: 21 Sep 1818 at Independent Chapel, Rothwell, NorthamptonshireRowell Ind Chapel Reg
Death: 14 Jan 1886, age: 68y. MI  memorial
Burial: at St Giles, DesboroughMI
Married: Thomas Marlow  1853BMD
b. 1820, at Desborough  d. 08 Dec 1900, age: 80y

Baptism: 07 Jan 1855 at DesboroughIGI
Death: 19 Jul 1940, at Desborough, age: 85y. MI  memorial
Burial: at Desborough Cemetery, DesboroughNBI
Probate: 10 Sep 1940  executors, etc
Married: Annie Crick  1878BMD
b. 1854, at Desborough  d. 13 Jul 1938, age: 83y

Birth: 1879, at DesboroughBMD
Burial: 18 Mar 1959, aged 79y, at DesboroughNhants PRs
Married: Gertrude Ethel Kemshead  1908BMD
b. about 1887, at Irchester, Northamptonshire

   175926.1 Marion Marlowfemale
Birth: about 1910, at DesboroughCensus

   35605.2 Kate Annie Marlowfemale
Birth: Aug 1880, at DesboroughBMD

   142995.3 Mabel Alice Marlowfemale
Birth: 21 Sep 1882MI
Death: 30 Jan 1886, age: 3y 4m. MI  memorial

   43485.4 George Essex Marlowmale
Birth: 1885, at DesboroughBMD

   43495.5 Oscar Edwin Marlowmale
Birth: about Feb 1891, at DesboroughBMD

   35783.2 Job Perkinsmale
Birth: about 1825Census

   35803.3 Sarah Perkinsfemale
Birth: about 1826Census

   35793.4 Jonah Perkinsmale
Birth: about 1831Census

Baptism: 01 Feb 1801 at Desborough (source reads 'John son of Willm & Rebecka Perkins')Bp Transcripts Desb
Death: 06 Sep 1868, age: 67y. MI  memorial
Burial: at St Giles, DesboroughMI
Probate: 01 Jul 1869  executors, etc

Additional Information: Newspaper Article

Census Details: at Desborough in 1841 1861 -:-
Married: Elizabeth Yeomans  before 1821Est. from child
b. 10 Apr 1804, at Desborough (source reads: Elizabeth Daughter Joseph & Rebecca Yeamans)  d. 18 Jul 1869, age: 65y

   3253.1 John Perkinsmale
Birth: about 1821, at DesboroughCensus

Birth: about 1822, at DesboroughCensus
Death: about 1891, age: 68y. BMD
Married: Charles Clarke  before 1844Est. from child
b. about 1821, at Desborough  d. 1906, age: 87y

   3284.1 William Henry Clarkemale
Birth: about 1844, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 1880, age: 36y. BMD
Married: Emily Teresa Tailby  1867BMD
b. 1838  d. 28 Dec 1891, age: 53y

   3294.2 James Perkins Clarkemale
Birth: about 1846, at DesboroughCensus

   3304.3 Elizabeth Clarkefemale
Birth: about 1848, at DesboroughCensus

   3314.4 Isabella Clarkefemale
Birth: about 1850, at DesboroughCensus

   3324.5 Mary Jane Clarkefemale
Birth: about 1854, at DesboroughCensus

   142984.6 Eliza Ann Clarkefemale
Birth: about Jun 1857, at DesboroughMI
Death: 29 Jan 1861, age: 3y 7m. MI  memorial
Burial: at St Giles, DesboroughMI

   3334.7 Rebecca Clarkefemale
Birth: about 1859, at DesboroughCensus

   3263.3 Alice Perkinsfemale
Birth: about 1826, at DesboroughCensus

Birth: 24 Apr 1828, at DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Baptism: 18 May 1828 at Wesleyan Chapel, DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Death: 22 Aug 1868, age: 40y. MI  memorial
Burial: at St Giles, DesboroughMI
Married: Thomas Ginns  1852BMD
b. about 1825, at Desborough  d. 22 Sep 1870, age: 45y

   24974.1 Mary Elizabeth Ginns   also known as Elizabeth Ginnsfemale
Birth: about 1858, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 19 Aug 1923, age: 66. MI  memorial
Burial: at Desborough Cemetery, DesboroughNBI
Married: Alfred Panter  1880BMD
b. about 1857, at Desborough  d. 09 May 1928, age: 71

   47455.1 Thomas James Pantermale
Birth: 15 Feb 1882, at DesboroughMI
Death: 09 May 1936MI  memorial
Burial: at Desborough Cemetery, DesboroughNBI
Probate: 20 Aug 1936  executors, etc
Married: Georgina Barnes  about 1909BMD
b. 03 Jul 1883, at Desborough  d. 06 Jan 1978

   47465.2 Fred Pantermale
Birth: about May 1890, at DesboroughCensus

   97385.3 Annie Elizabeth Panterfemale
Birth: about 1894, at DesboroughCensus

Mother died 1868
Birth: about 1865, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Emma King  about 1888BMD
b. about 1868, at Newton Harcourt, Leicestershire  d. 13 Sep 1906, age: 39y

   46505.1 Ethel Ginnsfemale
Birth: about 1889, at DesboroughCensus

   89545.2 Ernest Ginnsmale
Birth: about 1894, at DesboroughCensus

Parents not yet certain - assumption from family group in 1871
Birth: 1868, at DesboroughBMD
Married: George Baldwin  1887BMD
b. about 1858, at Desborough

   47435.1 Arthur Baldwinmale
Birth: about 1888, at DesboroughCensus

   47445.2 Mabel Baldwinfemale
Birth: about 1890, at DesboroughCensus

   93055.3 Harry Baldwinmale
Birth: about 1893, at DesboroughCensus

   93065.4 Eva Baldwinfemale
Birth: about 1896, at DesboroughCensus

   93075.5 Lucy Baldwinfemale
Birth: about 1900, at DesboroughCensus

   138142.3 Joseph Perkinsmale
Baptism: 30 Jan 1803 at Desborough (source reads 'Joseph son of William and Rebecka Perkins')Bp Transcripts Desb



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