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Ann [not known]


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   2425 1.0 Ann [not known]female

Birth: 1763MI
Death: 25 May 1835, age: 72MI  memorial

Married: Lewis Cave  before 1785Est. from child
b. 1750  d. 17 Aug 1829, age: 79

   24262.1 Ann Cavefemale
Baptism: 26 Dec 1785 at Desborough (source reads 'Ann Daughr of Lewis & Ann Cave')Bp Transcripts Desb
Death: 12 May 1803, age: 18y. MI  memorial
Burial: 14 May 1803, aged 17y, at St Giles, Desborough (source reads 'Ann Cave aged 17')Bp Transcripts Desb

   24272.2 Hannah Cavefemale
Baptism: 31 Dec 1787 at Desborough (source reads 'Hannah, Daughr of Lewis and Ann Cave')Bp Transcripts Desb

Baptism: 21 Jun 1791 at Desborough (source reads 'William son of Lewis and Ann Cave')Bp Transcripts Desb
Death: 04 Jul 1844, age: 54y. MI  memorial
Burial: 9 Jul 1844 at St Giles, DesboroughNBI

Additional Information: BMD Announcements; Newspaper Article

Census Details: at Desborough in 1841 -:-
Married: Elizabeth Haddon  13 May 1830Mercury
b. 1805, at Long Itchington, Warwickshire  d. 01 Dec 1897, at Market Harborough, Leicestershire, age: 92y

Birth: 3 Jul 1832, at DesboroughDNB
Baptism: 15 Sep 1832 at DesboroughIGI
Death: 7 Sep 1897, at Manor House, Woodmansterne, SurreyDNB
Burial: 10 Sep 1897 at St Peters, Woodmansterne, SurreyDNB
Married: Julia Watkins  5 Aug 1856DNB
b. about 1836, at Brixworth, Northamptonshire

   44644.1 Arthur W Cavemale
Birth: about 1858, at St Johns Wood, LondonCensus

   44474.2 Edith Cavefemale
Birth: about 1859, at Marylebone, LondonCensus

   44484.3 Alice Cavefemale
Birth: 1861, at Surbiton, LondonCensus

   44494.4 Lucy Cavefemale
Birth: about 1864, at Surbiton, LondonCensus

   44504.5 Hilda Cavefemale
Birth: about 1866, at Surbiton, LondonCensus

   44514.6 John Watkins Cavemale
Birth: about 1867, at Surbiton, LondonCensus

   44524.7 Walter Watkins Cavemale
Birth: about 1870, at Surbiton, LondonCensus

Census Details: not at Desborough in 1871

1881 At at 18 Clifton Terrace, Margate, Kent. Lodging with Joseph Kertland (verger) and family. Occupation: Scholar Census

   44534.8 Edward W Cavemale
Birth: about 1872, at Surbiton, LondonCensus

Census Details: not at Desborough in 1891

1881 At at Ringslow College, Margate, Kent. Boarding school. Occupation: Scholar Census

   23953.2 George Haddon Cavemale
Baptism: 29 Jan 1834 at DesboroughIGI
Burial: 19 Feb 1835, aged 14m, at St Giles, DesboroughNBI

   23963.3 Isabella Ann Cavefemale
Baptism: 10 Jul 1835 at DesboroughIGI
Death: 03 Apr 1855MI  memorial
Burial: at St Giles, DesboroughMI
Married: Clement Madely Smith  1854BMD
b. about 1828, at Horninghold, Leicestershire

Baptism: 20 Mar 1838 at DesboroughIGI
Married: Mary Ann Branson  1859BMD
b. 28 Dec 1834, at Rockingham, Northamptonshire

Birth: 17 Sep 1860, at DesboroughIGI
Death: 01 May 1946IGI
Married: George Shaw Sowter  about 1883BMD
b. about 1853, at Mickleover, Derbyshire

   44555.1 George Henry Sowtermale
Birth: about 1886, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   44565.2 Bertha Elizabeth Sowterfemale
Birth: about 1887, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   44575.3 Charles Philip Sowtermale
Birth: about May 1890, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   44585.4 Edith M Sowterfemale
Birth: about 1892, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   44595.5 Cyril I Sowtermale
Birth: about 1893, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   44605.6 Lawrence C Sowtermale
Birth: about 1895, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   44615.7 Francis I Sowtermale
Birth: about 1898, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   44625.8 Isabelle C Sowterfemale
Birth: about 1900, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   24074.2 Bertha Elizabeth Cavefemale
Birth: 26 Sep 1861, at DesboroughIGI
Death: 05 Apr 1876IGI

   24084.3 Laura Frances Cavefemale
Birth: 27 Dec 1862, at DesboroughIGI
Death: 03 Jan 1941IGI

Birth: 28 Mar 1864, at DesboroughIGI
Married: Edward Bullen Gilbert  1896BMD
b. about 1862, at St Pancras, London

   175325.1 Edward Lewis Gilbert   also known as Lewis Gilbertmale
Birth: about 1898, at Torquay, DevonBMD

   175335.2 Catherine M Gilbertfemale
Birth: about 1900, at Tavistock, DevonCensus

   24034.5 Lewis Desborough Cavemale
Baptism: 20 May 1865 at DesboroughIGI

   177394.6 [male] Cavemale
Birth: 26 Apr 1866, at DesboroughMercury

Additional Information: BMD Announcements

   44434.7 Geraldine Cavefemale
Married Edward Agar Horatio Nelson, 5th Earl Nelson of Trafalgar and of Merton. Edward was born on 10 August 1860, the son of Horatio Nelson, 3rd Earl Nelson of Trafalgar and of Merton and Lady Mary Jane Diana Agar. He married Geraldine on 7 August 1889 and died on 30 January 1951.
Birth: 09 Feb 1868, at Brigg, LincolnshireIGI

   44444.8 Henry Cavemale
Birth: 04 Jun 1869, at Brigg, LincolnshireIGI
Death: 15 Oct 1892IGI

   44454.9 Philip Haddon Cave   also known as Haddon Cavemale
Birth: 17 Jan 1871, at Brigg, LincolnshireIGI
Death: 15 Nov 1921IGI

   44634.10 Charles Ferguson Cavemale
Birth: about 1875, at Brigg, LincolnshireCensus

   44464.11 Mary Josephine Helen Cavefemale
Birth: 09 Dec 1878, at Brigg, LincolnshireIGI
Death: 03 Apr 1879IGI

   23983.5 Elizabeth Cavefemale
Baptism: 28 Nov 1839 at DesboroughIGI

Baptism: 30 Jan 1843 at DesboroughIGI
Death: 1930, age: 87y. Probate
Probate: 26 Jan 1931  executors, etc
Married: Alice Kew Van  1871BMD
b. about 1847, at Greenwich, Kent  d. 28 Jan 1939, at Marlborough Lodge, Farnecombe Road, Worthing, Sussex

   44664.1 Ernest Lydford Cavemale
Birth: about 1873, at Market Harborough, LeicestershireCensus

   44674.2 Margaret Cavefemale
Birth: about 1875, at Market Harborough, LeicestershireCensus

   44684.3 William Wilfred Cavemale
Birth: about 1879, at Altrincham, CheshireCensus

Baptism: 09 Jul 1845 at DesboroughIGI
Death: about 1875BMD
Married: Annie Grainger  about 1867BMD
b. about 1846, at Westminster, London

   45714.1 George Edwin O Cavemale
Birth: about 1869, at West Ham, LondonCensus



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