Bertha Elizabeth Arnold, nee Marlow

101st Birthday 

Bertha Elizabeth Arnold, nee Marlow

Plain guide to long life 

GOOD clean living is the secret of a long life . . . and Bertha Arnold should know for she is celebrating her 101st birthday.

Bertha, who now lives at Orchard House, Barton Road, Kettering, spent much of her life in farming and reckons the open air life also helped keep her going.

She said: "I have always lived a good clean life and had plain food. I have never smoked or drunk alcohol." 

She was born in Desborough and moved to Pipewell when she married. In 1933 she helped run a smallholding which included a milk round.

In those days the milk was taken round in a bucket and sold from pint or half-pint measures. Bertha, a widow, retired just after World War Two.

There are five generations of her family and many of them paid her a visit on her special day, together with the Mayor and Mayoress of Kettering.

Bertha, whose husband died a number of years ago, has three sons, five grandchildren, six great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.

Orchard House manager Alison Watson said: "She is a very lively and cheerful person to have about."

from: the Evening Telegraph Wednesday, November 4, 1987.


Bertha was the daughter of Henry Marlow and Harriett Letts.


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