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John Stanford

NameJohn Stanford     descendant tree, etc
FatherRichard Stanford
MotherJane Whitehouse
Born17 Nov 1852  (source: Pigot's Directory of London and the Suburbs 1839)
Married Sarah Ann Hadlington  at St James, Dudley, Worcestershire, 03 Jun 1878  (source: Marriage Certificate  )
Diedabout 1909   (source: England & Wales BMD Indexes)

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census : Tipton, Staffordshire
166Foundry StreetCensus date: 7 April 1861
Richard StanfordHead Mar 43 Engineer Worker Tipton  Staffordshire M D
Jane StanfordWife Mar 40 Tipton  Staffordshire M D
Elizabeth StanfordDaur Un 22 Tipton  Staffordshire
Richard StanfordSon Un 15 Tipton  Staffordshire
Job StanfordSon 13 Forge Boy Tipton  Staffordshire
Jonathan StanfordSon 11 Forge Boy Tipton  Staffordshire
John StanfordSon 9 Tipton  Staffordshire B M D

1871 Census : Tipton, Staffordshire
267Bloomfield Rd no. 76Census date: 2 April 1871
Richard StanfordHead Mar 52 Engineer Tipton  Staffordshire M D
Jane StanfordWife Mar 51 Tipton  M D
Jonathan StanfordSon Un 20 Forge Boy Tipton 
John StanfordSon Un 18 Iron Moulder Tipton  B M D
David StanfordSon Un 16 Iron Moulder Tipton 
Nancy StanfordDaur 14 Iron Moulder Tipton 
Edward StanfordSon 11 Tipton 
James StanfordSon 8 Tipton 
Samuel StanfordSon 5 Tipton 

1881 Census : Dudley, Worcestershire
51Price Street no. 8Census date: 3 April 1881
John StanfordHead Mar 28 Moulder Grate Tipton  Staffordshire B M D
Sarah A StanfordWife Mar 22 Dudley  Worcestershire M
Mary J StanfordDaur 2 Dudley 
Sarah A StanfordDaur 7m Dudley 
Mary A HaglintonMother in Law W 42 Dudley  M
Hannah HaglintonSister in Law 12 Scholar Dudley 
Mary A HaglintonSister in Law 10 Scholar Dudley 
Ann LargeGrand Mother in Law W 60 Scotland 

1891 Census : Dudley, Worcestershire
51Flood Street no. 9Census date: 1 April 1891
John StanfordHead Mar 38 Grate Moulder Tipton  Staffordshire B M D
Sarah A StanfordWife Mar 31 Dudley  Worcestershire M
Mary J StanfordDaur 12 Scholar Dudley 
Sarah A StanfordDaur 10 Scholar Dudley 
William StanfordSon 9 Scholar Dudley 
Samuel StanfordSon 5 Scholar Dudley 
Annie StanfordDaur 3 Dudley  B M
John StanfordSon 3m Scholar Dudley 

1901 Census : Smethwick, Worcestershire
51Watery Lane no. 31Census date: 31 March 1901
John StanfordHead Mar 47 Pig Iron Moulder Tipton  Staffordshire B M D
Sarah A StanfordWife Mar 42 Dudley  Worcestershire M
Mary Jane StanfordDaur S 22 Enameller Slate Polisher Dudley 
Sarah Ann StanfordDaur S 20 Enameller Slate Polisher Dudley 
William T StanfordSon S 18 Pig Iron Moulder Dudley 
Samuel StanfordSon 15 Scholar  
Annie StanfordDaur 13 Dudley  B M
John StanfordSon 10 Scholar Dudley 
Elizabeth StanfordDaur 8 Dudley 
Benny StanfordSon 6 Dudley 
Richard StanfordSon 4 Smethwick 
Elsie Mary StanfordDaur 2 Smethwick 

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