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Henry Howlett

NameHenry Howlett     descendant tree, etc
FatherJohn Henry Howlett
MotherElizabeth Ayerst [?]
Bornabout 1846  (source: England & Wales Census)
Baptised02 Aug 1846  at Meppershall, Bedfordshire  (source: International Genealogical Index  C003782)
Married Jessie Edmondson  09 May 1878  (source: England & Wales BMD Indexes  1878 q2 Biggleswade v3b p591)
Died04 Dec 1923  at Holgate Lodge, Hemsworth, Yorkshire  (source: National Probate Index)

1841 Census

1851 Census : Meppershall, Bedfordshire
17Rectory HouseCensus date: 30 March 1851
John H HowlettHead Mar 40 B.D. Rector of Meppershall St Martins Westminster  Middlesex B M D
Elizabeth HowlettWife Mar 38 Hawkhurst  Kent M D
Henry HowlettSon 4 Meppershall  Beds B M D
Elizabeth HowlettDaur 2 Meppershall  B D
Clara HowlettDaur 1 Meppershall  B D
Susan AshwellServ W 52 House Servant Tempsford  Beds
Elizabeth HareServ Un 31 House Servant Silsoe  Beds
Ann SmithServ Un 21 House Servant Northill  Beds

1861 Census : Meppershall, Bedfordshire
99RectoryCensus date: 7 April 1861
John Henry HowlettHead Mar 20 Clergyman B.D. St Martin's in the Fields  Middlesex B M D
Elizabeth HowlettWife Mar 49 Hawkhurst  Kent M D
Henry HowlettSon 14 Scholar Meppershall  Beds B M D
Elizabeth HowlettDaur 12 Scholar Meppershall  B D
Clara HowlettDaur 11 Scholar Meppershall  B D
Louisa Rebecca SimonsGoverness Un 22 Teacher Islington  Middlesex
Susan AshwellServ Widow 61 Cook Tempsford  Beds
Mary CooperServ Un 24 Housemaid Henlow  Beds

1871 Census : Kensington, London
534Kensington Sqr no. 26Census date: 2 April 1871
Charlotte AcklandMother W 68 London  Middx
Mary A EdmondsVisitor Un 63 School Mistress London  Middx
Henry HowlettBoarder Unm 34 Curate of St Barnabas Meppershall  Bedfordshire B M D
William H FoxBoarder 13 Scholar Gravesend  Kent
Herbert W GillhamBoarder 11 Scholar India 
Charles F KeenBoarder 10 Scholar Southampton  Hampshire
Ellen EllisServ Un 23 Parlour Maid Ayot St Lawrence  Hertfordshire
Eliza SpencerServ Un 21 Housemaid Atherstone  Warwickshire
Louisa BatchlorServ Un 19 Kitchen Maid Westmill  Sussex
Charles T Ackland, schoolmaster, living next door is probably the son of Charlotte Ackland who is described here as "Mother" rather than "Head"

1881 Census : Bottesford, Leicestershire
20Chapel St no. 1Census date: 3 April 1881
Henry HowlettHead Mar 34 Curate of Bottesford. M.A. Cantab Meppershall  Bedfordshire B M D
Jessie HowlettWife Mar 34 Mile End New Town  Middx M D
John HowlettSon 2 Bottesford  Leicestershire
Elizabeth HowlettDaur 6m Bottesford  B
Helen HandServ Un 20 Gen Servant Barkston  Leicestershire
Sarah SuttonServ Un 16 Gen Servant Bottesford 

1891 Census : Aylestone, Leicestershire
102The RectoryCensus date: 1 April 1891
Henry HowlettHead M 44 Vicar of All Saints Leicester Meppershall  Bedfordshire B M D
Jessie HowlettWife M 44 London  Middx M D
Elizabeth HowlettDaur 10 Bottesford  Leicestershire B
Ruth HowlettDaur 9 Bottesford 
Frederic HowlettSon 8 Bottesford 
Francis HowlettSon 6 Bottesford  M
Jessie HowlettDaur 5 Aylestone 
Victoria HowlettDaur 3 Aylestone  Leicestershire
Kate BentlyVisitor Wid 48 Living on own means Stapeshill  Staffordshire
Mary Frances HerbertGoverness S 33 Governess Preston  Gloucestershire
Sarah Ann SuttonTemp resident S 25 Dressmaker Bottesford 
Rebekah RobertsServ S 29 "Nurse" Domestic Serv Barby  Northamptonshire
Susannah Elizabeth BurgessServ S 20 Housemaid Islington  Middlesex

1901 Census : Ackworth, Yorkshire
101The RectoryCensus date: 31 March 1901
Henry HowlettHead M 54 Clergyman (Ch of England) Meppershall  Bedfordshire B M D
Jessie HowlettWife M 54 London  Middx M D
Ruth HowlettDaur 19 Bottesford  Leicestershire
Frederic HowlettSon 18 Bottesford 
Francis H HowlettSon 16 Architect's Clerk Bottesford  M
Jessie HowlettDaur 15 Aylestone  Leicestershire
Victoria HowlettDaur 13 Aylestone 
Sarah A SuttonVisitor 35 Dressmaker Bottesford 
Sarah E HorburyServ 16 Housemaid Ackworth  Yorkshire
Ethel M HensonServ 14 Kitchenmaid Carleton Pontifract  Yorkshire

1911 Census

1921 Census

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