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Emily Mary Ann Ellis

NameEmily Mary Ann Ellis     descendant tree, etc
FatherWilliam Ellis
MotherEleanor Hannah Cope
Born06 Dec 1877  (source: Birth Certificate)
Married Ernest Brattle 
Died1942  at Bermondsey, London  (source: England & Wales BMD Indexes)

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

1878 (non census address/occupation)
4, George Street St Saviour, Surreysource: Birth Certificate, registration 16/01/1878
William Ellis General Laborer
Eleanor Ellis
Emily Mary Ann Ellis 1m

1881 Census : Southwark, St Saviours, London
13Rooms over Stables. Loman St no. 42Census date: 3 April 1881
William EllisHead Mar 33 Stableman   Norfolk B M D
Eleanor EllisWife Mar 32 Christchurch  Surrey B M D
William EllisSon 11 Scholar Lambeth  Surrey D
Eleanor EllisDaur 9 Scholar St Lukes  London M D
Frederick EllisSon 6 Scholar St Georges  London B M D
Emily EllisDaur 3 Scholar St Georges  B M D
Henry EllisSon 7m Southwark  B M D

1891 Census : St Saviours, London
13Winchester Buildings no. 14Census date: 1 April 1891
William EllisHead M 46 General Laborer Lambeth  London B M D
Eleanor EllisWife M 41 Southwark  London B M D
William EllisSon S 21 Brewers Carman Lambeth  D
Nelly EllisDaur S 19 Fancy Box Maker Clerkenwell  London M D
Frederick EllisSon S 16 Hatters Errand Lad Southwark  B M D
Emily EllisDaur 14 Southwark  B M D
Henry EllisSon 11 Scholar Southwark  B M D
Bertha EllisDaur 7 Scholar Southwark  B
Ernest EllisSon 8m Southwark  B

1901 Census : Camberwell, London
Grenard Rd no. 86Census date: 31 March 1901
Emily BrattleHead Mar 24 Charwoman Blackfriars  London B M D
Emily R BrattleDaur 11m Bermondsey  London B M
Ernest H EllisBrother 11 Blackfriars  London B

1911 Census : Southwark, Newington, London
208Linwood Place, Tarn St no. 12Census date: 2 April 1911
Ernest BrattleHead Mar 39 Painters Labourer London  Middlesex B M D
Emily BrattleWife Mar 12y
  born: 4
  living: 4
36 House Keeper London  Middlesex B M D
Ernest BrattleSon 7 School London  Middlesex B M D
Lilian BrattleDaur 5 London  Middlesex B M
Daisy BrattleDaur 2 London  Middlesex B D
Stanley BrattleSon 2m London  Middlesex B M
Although the schedule shows 4 children born, 4 children living, Ernest's army records show that they had five children by this date.
Their eldest, Emily, was visiting her uncle Stanley Brattle in Portsmouth

1921 Census : Southwark, London
62Valentine Row no. 8 Marshalls Buildings Census date: 19 June 1921
Ernest BrattleHead Mar 49y 5m Builders Labourer
F Fisher Builder
69 Webber St, SE1
  London B M D
Emily BrattleWife Mar 45y 6m   London B M D
Lilian BrattleDaur Single 15y 1m   London B M
Ernest BrattleSon Single 17y 5m   London B M D
Daisy BrattleDaur Parents Both Alive 13y
Education: Whole Time
  London B D
Stanley BrattleSon Parents Both Alive 10y 5m
Education: Whole Time
  London B M
Florence BrattleDaur Parents Both Alive 7y 10m
Education: Whole Time
  London B M

1939 Census : Southwark, London
102Valentine Row no. 8 Marshall's BuildingsCensus date: 29 Sept 1939
Ernest BrattleMar 21 Feb 73 Builders Labourer (retired) B M D
Emily BrattleMar 24 Dec 81 Unpaid Domestic Duties B M D
Daisy S. E. BrattleS 07 Sep 08 Kitchen Hand (Unemployed) B D
Lilian Emily BrownS 12 Nov 23 Packer Dawson m:
[not known] [not known]
Son Stanley and wife were living at 19 Marshalls Buildings - the street address is different, so presumably they were on the opposite side of the property.
Lilian was a granddaughter of Ernest and Emily. Named for her mother and grandmother

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