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Sarah Tomkins

NameSarah Tomkins     descendant tree, etc
NoteSarah's younger 3 children were born after her first husband died. They were possibly the children of William Nursey, whose housekeeper she was in the 1871 census and whom she later married
FatherJohn Tomkins
MotherSarah [not known]
Married (1) James Rowlett 
Married (2) William Nursey 

1841 Census: Desborough
Podock LaneCensus date: 6 June 1841
NameM.F.OccupationBorn in County?Birth CountryInfo.
John Tompkins60 Agricultural Labourer yes
Sarah Tompkins 50 yes
Rebecca Tompkins 20 yes
Sarah Tompkins 15 yes
John Tompkins14 yes
Charles Tompkins11 yes
Mary Tompkins 8 yes
James Tompkins25 Shoe Maker no
Elizabeth Tompkins 20 yes
Sarah Tompkins 10m yes

1851 Census : Kettering, Northamptonshire
40Goadleys YardCensus date: 30 March 1851
James RoulettHead Mar 27 Hand Loom Silk WeaverRothwell  Northamptonshire
Sarah RoulettWife Mar 26 Desborough 
Silas RoulettSon 4 ScholarDesborough 
Charles RoulettSon 1 Rothwell 

1861 Census: Desborough
61Buckle StreetCensus date: 7 April 1861
Sarah RowlattHead Widow 36 Lace RunnerDesborough 
Silas RowlattSon 16 Desborough 
Pauline RowlattDaur 9 Lace RunnerKettering  Northamptonshire
William RowlattSon 5 Kettering  Northamptonshire
Frederick RowlattSon 2 Desborough 

1871 Census: Desborough
27Bakers RowCensus date: 2 April 1871
William NurseyHead Widr 54 CarpentryDesborough 
Sarah Rowlett 46 HousekeeperDesborough 
William RowlettSon Un 15 LabDesborough 
Frederick RowlettSon 12 LabDesborough 
Mary RowlettDaur 9 ScholarDesborough 
Sarah A RowlettDaur 6 ScholarDesborough 
James RowlettSon 4 ScholarDesborough 

1881 Census: Desborough
111High StreetCensus date: 3 April 1881
William NurseyHead Mar 62 BarberDesborough 
Sarah NurseyWife Mar 56 Shoe FitterDesborough 
William NurseySon Un 25 Shoe RivetterKettering  Northamptonshire
Sarah Ann NurseyDaur 16 StaymakerDesborough 
James NurseySon 14 Farm LabourerDesborough 

1891 Census: Desborough
25Bakers Row no. 3Census date: 1 April 1891
William NurseyHead M 74 Living on own meansDesborough 
Sarah NurseyWife M 66 Desborough 
John WhymanLodger Wid 42 LabourerHalifax  Yorkshire
Charles PalmerLodger S 37 LabourerFordham  Cambridgeshire

1901 Census

1911 Census

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