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Sarah Tomkins


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   2134 1.0 Sarah Tomkinsfemale
Sarah's younger 3 children were born after her first husband died. They were possibly the children of William Nursey, whose housekeeper she was in the 1871 census and whom she later married
2130 Father: John Tomkins   b. about 1781
2131 Mother: Sarah [not known]   b. about 1789 at Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Baptism: 17 Oct 1824 at DesboroughIGI

Married: (1) James Rowlett  1845BMD
b. about 1824, at Kettering, Northamptonshire  d. 1853

   41062.1 Silas Rowlettmale
Birth: about 1845, at DesboroughCensus

   41122.2 Charles Rowlattmale
Birth: about 1850, at Rothwell, NorthamptonshireCensus

Birth: about 1852, at Kelmarsh, NorthamptonshireCensus
Married: Thomas Pridmore  1872BMD
b. about 1847, at Desborough

Birth: about 1873, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Phoebe Coe  1892BMD
b. about 1873, at Desborough

   91234.1 Hilda Pridmorefemale
Birth: about 1893, at DesboroughCensus

   91244.2 Alice Pridmorefemale
Birth: about 1895, at DesboroughCensus

   91254.3 Ada Pridmorefemale
Birth: about 1898, at DesboroughCensus

   91264.4 Walter Pridmoremale
Birth: about 1900, at DesboroughCensus

   29993.2 Elizabeth Pridmorefemale
Birth: about 1875, at DesboroughCensus

   30003.3 Frederick Pridmoremale
Birth: about 1879, at DesboroughCensus

   57883.4 Thomas Pridmoremale
Birth: about 1883, at DesboroughCensus

   57893.5 Frank Pridmoremale
Birth: about 1885, at DesboroughCensus

   41072.4 William Rowlett   also known as William Nurseymale
Possibly the son of William Nursey
Birth: about 1856, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus

   100052.5 Frederick Rowlett   also known as Frederick Nurseymale
Possibly the son of William Nursey
Birth: 1858, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Lucy Nursey  1889BMD
b. about 1855, at Kettering, Northamptonshire

   146593.1 Maud Ellen Nurseyfemale
Birth: 1890, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus

   146603.2 Edith Nurseyfemale
Birth: 1892, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus

   146613.3 William Nurseymale
Birth: 1894, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus

   41092.6 Mary Rowlett   also known as Mary Nurseyfemale
Possibly the daughter of William Nursey
Birth: about 1862, at DesboroughCensus

   41102.7 Sarah Ann Rowlett   also known as Sarah Ann Nurseyfemale
Possibly the daughter of William Nursey. Surnamed Rowlett in 1871, Nursey in 1881
Birth: about 1865, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 29 Oct 1936, at Desborough, age: 72y. Probate
Probate: 03 Apr 1937  executors, etc
Married: Samuel James Crick  1884BMD
b. 1860, at Desborough  d. 13 Dec 1929, at Desborough, age: 70y

Separated from wife before Aug 1916 (army records)
Birth: about 1885, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Alice Margurite Tomkins  at Kettering, Northamptonshire 30 Dec 1903WW1 Army
b. about 1885, at Desborough

   100364.1 Alfred Crickmale
Birth: 25 Apr 1904, at DesboroughWW1 Army

   45573.2 Archer Crickmale
Birth: about 1890, at DesboroughCensus

Birth: about 1892, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Agnes Webb  at Ewell, Surrey before 1912WW1 Army

   100394.1 Frederick William Crickmale
Birth: 11 Oct 1912, at Epsom, SurreyWW1 Army

   94153.4 Frank James Crickmale
Birth: about 1898, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 25 Sep 1936, at Desborough, age: 39y. Probate
Probate: 15 Oct 1937  executors, etc
Married: Dorothy Helen Burditt  1930BMD
b. about 1894, at Desborough

   41112.8 James Rowlett   also known as James Nurseymale
Possibly the son of William Nursey. Surnamed Rowlett in 1871, Nursey in 1881
Birth: about 1867, at DesboroughCensus

Married: (2) William Nursey  1872BMD
b. 27 May 1817, at Desborough



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