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Joseph Looms

NameJoseph Looms     descendant tree, etc
FatherGeorge Looms
MotherLucy Sanders
Married Emma Crick 

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census : Wilbarston, Northamptonshire
64Census date: 7 April 1861
George LoomsHead Widr 36 Ag LabWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Edward LoomsSon 11 Ag LabWilbarston 
Sarah A LoomsDaur 9 Lace RunnerWilbarston 
Joseph LoomsSon 7 ScholarWilbarston 
George's mother and younger brother Edward living next door on one side, his elder brother Thomas (also widowed) with his children living on the other side

1871 Census : Wilbarston, Northamptonshire
13Census date: 2 April 1871
George LoomsHead Mar 46 Ag LabWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Lucy LoomsWife Mar 41 Rushton  Northamptonshire
Joseph LoomsSon Unm 17 Ag LabWilbarston 
Arthur LoomsSon 11 ScholarKettering 
Mariah LoomsDaur 7 ScholarWilbarston 
Lucy LoomsDaur 5 ScholarWilbarston 
John LoomsSon 2 Wilbarston 

1881 Census: Desborough
118Harborough RoadCensus date: 3 April 1881
Joseph LoomsHead Mar 26 RivetterDesborough 
Emma LoomsWife Mar 25 MachinistDesborough 
Edward LoomsSon 1m Desborough 
Sarah LoomsSister Un 19 StaymakerDesborough 

1891 Census: Desborough
193Station Street no. 21Census date: 1 April 1891
Joseph LoomsHead M 37 Shoe RivetterWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Emma LoomsWife M 34 Shoe MachinistDesborough 
George LoomsSon S 10 ScholarDesborough 
Emma LoomsDaur S 2 ScholarDesborough 
Henry LokeVisitor S 25 Shoe RivetterBurton Latimer  Northamptonshire

1901 Census: Desborough
167Gladstone St no. 19Census date: 31 March 1901
Joseph LoomesHead M 45 Boot Rivetter, WorkerWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Emma LoomesWife M 44 Boot Machinist, Worker, At homeDesborough 
George LoomesSon S 20 Boot Rivetter, WorkerDesborough 
Hannah LoomesDaur 7 Desborough 
Thomas LoomesSon 6 Desborough 
Joseph LoomesSon 4 Desborough 

1911 Census : Desborough
57Gladstone St no. 66Census date: 2 April 1911
Joseph LoomesHead M 54 Iron-Stone worker, WorkerWilbarston  Northamptonshire
Emma LoomesWife Mar 32y
  born: 5
  living: 5
53 Desborough 
Emma LoomesDaur S 22 Corset Machinist, Worker
From birth deaf and dumb
Hannah LoomesDaur S 17 Boot and Shoe Machinist, WorkerDesborough 
Thomas LoomesSon S 16 Boot and Shoe Finisher, WorkerDesborough 
Joseph LoomesSon 14 Boot and Shoe Finisher, WorkerDesborough 

1939 Census

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