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This page lists people with the Christian name Albert who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Albert Edward1845   Desboro   Samuel Curtis   Charlotte [not known]   Margaret Parrott  
Albert1848   Corby   Samuel Barrett   Elizabeth Shrewsbury    
Albert1852   Saltash   John Coker   Hannah Smith    
Albert Charles1855   Desboro   William Baines   Clarissa Braines   Jane Rea  
Albert1858   Priors       Mary J [not known]  
Albert1859   Desboro   George Coe   Lucy Morris    
Albert1859   Desboro   John Ginns   Rowena Robinson   Jane Morris  
Albert1860   Desboro   Hiram Page   Sarah Allen   Lucy Rebecca Panter  
Albert1860   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Mary Ann Marlow   Harriet Coe  
Albert1862   Desboro   Lewis Panter   Jane Turner   Agnes Page  
Albert1863   Desboro   Henry Marlow   Mary Jane Bosworth   Harriett Collis  
Albert1863   Rothwel   William Burditt   Elizabeth Sturgess    
Albert1864   Desboro   Henry Coe   Elizabeth Morris   Jane Wallington  
Albert1864   Desboro   George Cursley   Byzantia Payne    
Albert1864   Cottesm       Ada Clara Kendall  
Albert Horace1866   Desboro   William Fenton   Jane Walpole   Julia Coe  
Albert1866   Desboro   Frederick Morris   Sybil Panter    
Albert Henry1866   Rothwel   William Asher   Sarah Deacon   Emily Ann Barton  
Albert1866   Millbou   George Rowthorn      
Albert1867   Desboro   John Russell Barratt   Elizabeth Yeomans   Alice Cox  
Albert Fenton1868   Desboro   Owen Panter   Mary Henrietta Fenton   Elizabeth Howe  
Albert1870   Draught       Lucy Drusilla Coe  
Albert1870   Newton   James King   Mahala Buckby    
Albert1870   Great E       Elizabeth Maria Goode  
Albert Francis1870   Moulton       Sarah Jane King  
Albert1871   Dutton   Herbert Potts   Mary Ann Jarvis    
Albert Percy1871   Monsal   Richard Coe   Martha Hollingworth    
Albert Montague1871   Islingt   Montague Yeomans   Eliza Thurman    
Albert1873   Desboro   Frederick Morris   Sybil Panter    
Albert1874   Desboro   James Thornton   Mary Curtis    
Albert Edward1875   Mountso       Lilly Allen  
Albert Samuel1876   Desboro   Herbert Marlow   Lois Panter    
Albert Edward1876   Desboro   John Elkington   Eliza Coe   Ellen Martin  
Albert1876   Leicest   George Rowe   Adelaide Crick Marlow    
Alberta Gidley1876   Pinhoe   George Walters   Harriet Turner    
Albert1876   Apethor   William Scotney   Mary Ann Gaudern    
Albert Thomas1878   Chelten   Thomas Pugh   Sarah Ann Hall    
Albert1879   Walgrav   William Coles   Elizabeth [not known]    
Albert1880   Desboro   George Buckby   Alice Mary Clarke    
Albert1880   Desboro   Frederick Marlow   Clara Marlow    
Albert1880   Desboro   George William Turner   Louisa Panter    
Albert1880   Desboro   Robert Turner   Lydia Marlow    
Albert1880   Kingsth   Owen Chapman   Mary Ann Elizabeth Dickins    
Albert H1880   Braunst   William Bilson   Mary Ann Whitmore    
Albert E1881   Great B   Joseph Edward Baines   Judith Harrison S Goode    
Albert1881   Southil   William Hull   Clara [not known]    
Albert E1883   Desboro   Thomas Yeomans   Sarah Ann [not known]    
Albert1883   Leicest   Thomas Edward Riddington   Clara Marlow    
Albert Frederick1884   Desboro   Thomas Austin Jones   Emily Louisa Binley    
Albert S1884   Islingt   James Shirley F Leakey   Alice Amelia Kilborn    
Albert1886   Desboro   George Lee   Emma Buckby    
Albert Edward1886   Desboro   William Morris   Sarah Ann Looms    
Albert Harry1886   Desboro   Alfred Robert Baines   Lucy Allen    
Albert1886   Desboro   William Buckby   Mary Elizabeth Yeomans    
Albert E1886   Ketteri   George Kilborn   Maria Brown   Annie Layton  
Albert1887   Desboro   George Summerley   Elizabeth Morris    
Albert1887   Desboro   James Stratford   Mary Panter    
Albert1887   Desboro   Levi Tailby   Ellen Coe    
Albert Ashley1889   Desboro   Albert Coe   Jane Wallington   Kate Agnes Wallis  
Albert1889   Desboro   Henry Stratford   Elizabeth Page    
Albert1889   Desboro   Robert Marlow Sanders   Martha Elizabeth Wallis    
Albert1890   Desboro   Josiah [or Joseph] Jobson   Ann Panter    
Albert K1890   Desboro        
Albert1890   Desboro   William Wallis   Mary Ann Marlow    
Albert1890   Desboro   John Thomas Mitchell   Ada Morris    
Albert1890   Desboro   Charles Newman Bennett   Ada Elizabeth Binley    
Albert1891   Desboro   Thomas Ward   Mary Ann Lenton    
Albert Edward1891   Desboro   William Stokes   Emma [not known]    
Albert K1891   Desboro   Alfred Panter   Sarah Burditt    
Albert1892   Desboro   Robert Coe   Mary Ann Harris    
Albert Irving1894   Desboro   Albert Johnson   Lucy Drusilla Coe    
Albert1894   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Eliza Panter   Florence Mary Tarry  
Albert Clifford1896   Desboro   Thomas William Bloore   Emma Thorpe    
Albert1896   Desboro   Harry Yeomans   Sarah Looms    
Albert1896   Desboro   Joseph Morris   Mary Tomkins    
Albert Henry1897   Desboro   Thomas Morris   Julia Andrews    
Albert1898   Desboro        
Albert Gilbert1899   Desboro   John Burton   Elizabeth Gilbert    
Albert Edward1901   Woodvil   Frederick Hornsby   Susannah Sharman    
Albert Edward1901   Rothwel   Joseph Dunmore Bosworth   Florence Ellen Robinson    
Albert Edward1902   Desboro   Charles Henry Crick      
Albert Ernest1902   Desboro   Ernest Augustus Kendall   Ada Elizabeth Chamberlain    
Albert Henry1904   Desboro   William Bates Fenton   Mary Jane Sturgess    
Albert Edward1906   Desboro   Jesse Marlow   Sarah Ann Reckless    
Albert Reginald1908   Desboro   Samuel Holmes   Hannah Marlow    
Albert1910   Desboro   Albert Ashley Coe   Kate Agnes Wallis    

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