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This page lists people with the Christian name Emily who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Emily         Frank Bindley  
Emily Annie         Harry Johnson  
Emily1824   Rushton   Thomas Yeomans   Grace MacGregor   Benjamin Hipwell  
Emily1833   Desboro   Stephen Robinson   Ann Aprice   William Greensmith  
Emily Teresa1834   Desboro   John Tailby   Rebecca Woodfield    
Emily1835   Wilbars   Edward Sanders   Sarah [not known]   William Brown  
Emily Teresa1838     John Tailby   Rebecca Woodfield   William Henry Clarke  
Emily1839   Desboro   James Page   Hannah Grain   Joseph Wallington  
Emily1840   Ashley   Robert Kilborn   Maria Baines    
Emily1841     Robert Foster   Elizabeth Sharp    
Emily1843   Desboro   Samuel Kilborn   Martha Foster    
Emily1846   Desboro   Robert Foster   Elizabeth Sharp    
Emily J1846   Rothwel   William Wright   Ann Tomlin East    
Emily1854   Draught       Harry Burditt  
Emily1854   Shipley       Benjamin Illingworth  
Emily1855   Desboro   Thomas Coe   Mary Brown    
Emily1857     Joseph Ginns   Eliza Ann Robinson    
Emily1858   Desboro   William Page   Charlotte Glover    
Emily1860   Desboro   James Martin   Ann Coe   Frederick Charles Fenton  
Emily1862   Yardley   James Kirby   Georgiana Ray    
Emily1862   Wisbech   Herbert Kilburn   Margaret [not known]    
Emily1863   Rothwel       Maurice Stratford  
Emily Louisa1864   Tur Lan   Alfred Bindley   Louisa Markham   Thomas Austin Jones  
Emily1864   Oundle   Thomas Boon   Hannah [not known]    
Emily1865   Billing       James Marlow  
Emily1866   Desboro   Henry Pridmore   Rebecca Coe   Samuel Coe  
Emily1866   Desboro   William Brown   Emily Sanders    
Emily1866   Desboro   William Coe   Ann [not known]   Joseph Thomas Broughton  
Emily1866   Desboro   Thomas Hayden   Susan [not known]    
Emily1867   Desboro   Elisha Coe   Ann Martin    
Emily Rebecca1867   Clapham   Henry Baines   Harriet King    
Emily Selina1868   West Ha   Joseph Johnson   Jane Line   Samuel Robert Coe  
Emily1869   Desboro   George Payne   Ann Thorpe   Frederick Haynes Hornsey ;
Alfred Murkett  
Emily1869   Manthor   Charles Carew Dillon   Ellen Robinson    
Emily Ann1869   Rothwel   John Barton   Emma Buckby   Albert Henry Asher  
Emily1869   Ketteri     Matilda Reckless   Ralph Harper Dixon  
Emily Thomason1870   Desboro   James Hercock   Sarah C Coles   Caleb John Marlow  
Emily1870   Desboro   John Stevenson   Sarah Walters   Arthur Coe  
Emily Ann1870   Market   Samuel Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth    
Emily1871   Desboro   Henry Ginns   Elizabeth Yeomans   Harry Summerley  
Emily1871   Kussowl   Samuel Riley   Margaret [not known]    
Emily1871     George Tailby   Dinah Cox    
Emily1872   Brampto   William Glover   Elizabeth Foster   Percy Michael  
Emily Kate1872   Aldwink   William Cheney   Mary Kilborn    
Emily1872   Rothwel   John Yeomans   Jane Dixon    
Emily1874   Wootton   John Burton   Elizabeth Gilbert   Alfred Barratt  
Emily Charlotte1874   Market   Henry Esden   Catherine Britten   Alfred John T Smith  
Emily1874   Leicest   Charles Hanger   Elizabeth Broughton    
Emily Mary1874   Lamport   Thomas Dixon   Eliza Ann [not known]    
Emily1875   Luton   James Cox   Victoria Barratt    
Emily L1875   Desboro   Benjamin Whymant   Ann Whymant    
Emily Drusilla1877   Desboro   John Crick   Lois Page    
Emily1877   Apethor   William Scotney   Mary Ann Gaudern    
Emily Rennie1877   Ketteri       William Ernest Marlow  
Emily1879   Desboro   Elisha Coe   Ann Martin    
Emily1879   Badby   John Bull   Elizabeth Wareing    
Emily1880   Braybro     Emma Yeomans   Arthur William Turner  
Emily1880   Desboro   Isaac Buckby   Elizabeth Jane Kirby    
Emily Elizabeth1880   Welling   Benjamin Goodman   Louisa Cobb    
Emily1880   Rothwel   Charles Bosworth   Matilda Rowthorn    
Emily1881   Desboro   Charles Feakin   Sarah Ann Bosworth   Allen Allbright  
Emily A1882   Desboro   Herbert Marlow   Lois Panter    
Emily1882   Rothwel   [male] Martin   Elizabeth Willford    
Emily Mary Ann1883   Desboro   Joseph Thomas Nicholls   Abigail Peters    
Emily Hannah1884   Desboro   Henry Boon   Charlotte Smith Coe   Harry White  
Emily B1884   Cossall   John Allen   Frances Ann South    
Emily1884   Great E   Walter Sharman   Lydia Maria Chapman   Herbert Edward Nix  
Emily E1884   Desboro   James Foster   Frances Kidd    
Emily1885   Desboro   John Collis   Mary Ann Panter    
Emily L1886   Desboro   Charles Newman Bennett   Ada Elizabeth Binley    
Emily1890   Desboro   James Burditt   Mary Ann Ginns    
Emily1890   Desboro   Charles Goodman   Harriett Rebecca Wallington    
Emily1894   Desboro   John White   Clara Ann Coe    
Emily Lily1894   Desboro   Charles Stratford   Mary Jane Palmer [or Marlow?]    
Emily1895   Rothwel   Joseph Miller   Mary Ann Coe    
Emily1895   Desboro   Edward Coe   Emma Kilbourn    
Emily Beatrice1899   Desboro   William Curtis   Sarah Elizabeth Spencer    
Emily Catherine1900   Desboro   Alfred John T Smith   Emily Charlotte Esden    
Emily May1902   Desboro   Arthur Albert Hornsey   Emma Coles    
Emily May1902   Desboro   Joseph Watts   Hannah Elizabeth Baxter    
Emily Ruth1906   Curragh   Richard Yeomans   Agnes Priestland    
Emily Elizabeth1910   Desboro   Ralph Harper Dixon   Emily Reckless    

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