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This page lists people with the Christian name Louisa who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Louisa1823   Desboro   James Yeomans   Mary Green   George Yeomans  
Louisa1827   Desboro   Thomas Blissett   Mary [not known]   William Turner  
Louisa1827     John Hodges   Fanny Wallis    
Louisa1828   Ketteri   William Eagle   Elizabeth Coe   William Sturman ;
Elias Page  
Louisa1828   Desboro   George Buckby   Martha Marlow    
Louisa1829   Desboro   George Meakins   Hannah Thompson    
Louisa1831   Desboro   James Coe   Hannah Page    
Louisa1833   Holcot       John Sturges  
Louisa1834   Desboro   David Rowthorn   Lucy Yeomans   Owen Page  
Louisa1834   Northam   George Meakins   Hannah Thompson   Robert Hulbert  
Louisa1835   Desboro   Richard Smith Yeomans   Mary Yeomans   Joseph Cleaver  
Louisa1836   Wilbars       Alfred Bindley ;
Charles Cooper ;
George William Raines  
Louisa1841   Desboro   John Wallis   Mary Morris   John Coe  
Louisa1841   Braybro     Ann Binley    
Louisa1844   Braybro       Charles Allen  
Louisa1845   Brigsto       George Amatt  
Louisa1847   Braybro       William Buckley  
Louisa J1848   Oundle   William Atkins   Mary Ann [not known]    
Louisa1849   Shoredi   Robert Lawson   Mary Essam    
Louisa1849   Rothwel       William Sharp  
Louisa1853   Leicest     Sarah Turner   Josiah Panter  
Louisa1853   Leomins   Daniel Barton   Jane Brown    
Louisa1854   Little       Benjamin Goodman  
Louisa Sarah1855   Rushton   Joseph Miller   Rebecca [not known]    
Louisa1856   Plymton       Mark Keep  
Louisa1857   Desboro   James Panter   Ann Neal   George William Turner  
Louisa1857   Rothwel   John Church   Elizabeth Lawrence   William Yeomans  
Louisa1858   Deeneth       John Thomas Jarvis  
Louisa1860   Desboro   John Coe   Esther Johnson    
Louisa1860   Hawkhur       Robert Ward  
Louisa1862   Rothwel   Samuel Holmes   Elizabeth Bradshaw    
Louisa1863   Clipsto       Arthur William Glover  
Louisa Eleanor1863   Bristol       John Lawrence  
Louisa1864   Orlingb   James York   Elizabeth Ann Sumpter    
Louisa1867   Desboro   Charles Liner   Ann Slow   William Henry Anson  
Louisa1867   Badby   Peter Wareing   Harriett Bird    
Louisa1867   Braybro   Thomas Goodman   Maria Robinson    
Louisa Ann1869   Desboro   James Yeomans   Kezia Holmes   Arthur John Ginns  
Louisa Gertrude Pitt Lovett1870   Desboro   William Lovett Turner   Ellen Harriet Fairmaner    
Louisa1870   Market   Joseph Cleaver   Louisa Yeomans    
Louisa Annie1871   Great B       Harry Coe  
Louisa1872   Rothwel       Thomas West  
Louisa1873   Rothwel   Thomas Barlow   Catherine Hulbert    
Louisa1876   Desboro   Caleb Marlow   Mary Palmer    
Louisa1877   Badby   John Bull   Elizabeth Wareing    
Louisa1878   Rothwel   Henry Bradshaw   Eliza Pridmore    
Louisa1879   Northam   Owen Rowthorn   Maria Cosford    
Louisa1880   Rothwel   George Letts   Elizabeth Willford    
Louisa M1881   Chelten   John Ball   Jane [not known]    
Louisa1882   Desboro   John Freer   Sarah Jane Sanders    
Louisa1883   Braybro   Charles Dunkley   Alma Mary Fenton    
Louisa1884   Desboro   Josiah Panter   Louisa Turner    
Louisa1886   Desboro   Joseph Wallis   Emma Yeomans    
Louisa1886   Desboro   George William Cross   Mary Ann Coe    
Louisa1886   Desboro     Sarah Elizabeth Stokes   Arthur Buckby  
Louisa Magdaline1888   Desboro   Edwin Johnson   Elizabeth Jane Sturman   George Turner Panter  
Louisa1889   Desboro   Benjamin George Walker   Emma Coe    
Louisa1894   Desboro   Samuel Feakin   Elizabeth Hickman    
Louisa1894   Pytchle   William Buckby   Elizabeth [not known]    
Louisa Sturges1895   Desboro   Robert Pateman   Ellen Sturges    

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