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St Giles Parish Records: Burials

177 records extracted to date. More will follow later. Note that there are no burials recorded in the Parish Register between 16th Feb 1663/64 and 29th Aug 1669. Where an age is preceded by "c." it has been calculated as burial-baptism date. Ages shown without the "c." are as given in the register.

The relationship given in the final column, unless it repeats what is given in the source text column, is my assumption based on all the evidence I have to date.

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
before 19 May 1648    John Atkins   
before 19 May 1648    Robert Middlebrook   
before 19 May 1648    John Wright1648 [...] Mattias Smith Viccar [...] John Write was buried before I Came  son of Henry Wright
23 Jun 1648    William LowsonWilliam Lowson   
23 Jul 1648    Elizabeth TeeElizabeth Tebbats wife of Henry Teb:  wife/widow of Henry Tebbott
04 Aug 1648    Henry LentonHenry Lenton Buried   
11 Sep 1648    Ann ClementAnne Clement Buried   
18 Oct 1648   c. 8mBartin Gutteridge  son of Bartin Gutteridge
25 Oct 1648    William AtkinsWilliam Atkins the Sonne of John Atkins  son of John Atkins
22 Nov 1648    Ann [not known]Anne Andrewes the wife of William Andrewes  wife/widow of William Andrews
01 Dec 1648   c. 5mRebecca Wymant  daughter of John Wymant
29 Dec 1648    Kestian [not known]Kestian Dawes wid:  wife/widow of [male] Dawes

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
11 Apr 1649    Elizabeth Turner    Turner the Daughter of    Turner was buried the 11 Day of April 1649  daughter of Richard Turner
27 Jul 1649    Edward AldermanEdward Alderman the Sonne of Richard Alderman was buried the 27th day of July 1649  son of Richard Alderman
15 Aug 1649   c. 11mThomas Watson  son of George Watson
17 Aug 1649    Anne SilbeeAnne Silbee the Daughter of Edward Silbee  daughter of Edward Selby
22 Aug 1649    Jonathan Watson  son of Stephen Watson
15 Oct 1649   c. 8mJohn Lad  son of Robert Lad
11 Dec 1649    Anne [not known]Anne Loale the wife of Edw: Loale  wife/widow of Edward Lole
13 Dec 1649    Ellen Packe  wife/widow of Thomas Yeomans

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
19 Feb 1649/50    Frances HensworthFrancis Alderman the wife of Marke Alderman  wife/widow of Mark Alderman
21 Feb 1649/50    Anne [not known]Anne Poole wid:  wife/widow of [male] Poole
31 Mar 1650    Sarah [not known]Sarah Cupid the wife of William Cupid  wife/widow of William Cupid
23 Apr 1650    Elizabeth MooreElizabeth Moore the daughter of Robert Moore  daughter of Robert Moore
14 May 1650    Robert GroocockeRobt Groococke a Bondsman of Rowell dieing at John Chapmans of Desborough was buried the 14th May 1650   
27 May 1650    Dorothy [not known]Darrothy Stiffe: the wife of John Sitffe  wife/widow of John Stiffe
02 Aug 1650   c. 1y 5mThomas Rowledg  son of Thomas Rowledge
30 Aug 1650    Frances [not known]Francis Rower the wife of William Rower  wife/widow of William Rower
23 Sep 1650    John RowledgJohn Rowledg the Sonne of Thomas Rowledg  son of Thomas Rowledge
02 Oct 1650    Grace [not known]Grace Kent the wife of Issake Kent  wife/widow of Isaac Kent
15 Oct 1650    Anne HeyAnne Hey the daughter of Thomas Hey  daughter of Thomas Hey
29 Oct 1650   c. 3wkNathaniel Wimunt  son of John Wymant

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
07 Feb 1650/51    Elizabeth PatemanElizabeth Pateman the Daughter of Thomas Pateman  daughter of Thomas Pateman
11 Feb 1650/51   c. 3wkWilliam Andrew  son of William Andrews
03 May 1651    Abraham ColesonAbraham Coleson was buried the 3d Maye 1651 the husband of Anne Colson   
31 Jul 1651   c. 2y 2mAndrew Goodman  son of Edward Goodman
14 Aug 1651    George DavyeGeorg Davye the Sonne of Richard Davye  son of Richard Davy
16 Aug 1651    Joseph SteephensJoseph Steephens the Sonne of Thomas Steephens  son of Thomas Steephens
02 Sep 1651    Thomas GroocockeThomas Groococke the Sonne of Thomas Groococke  son of Thomas Groocock
16 Sep 1651    Frances [not known]  wife/widow of John Stiffe
17 Sep 1651    [male] WatsonA sonne of John Watson was buried [...]  son of John Watson
21 Oct 1651    John AldermanJohn Alderman the sonne of John Alderman was buried the 21th of October 1651 being killed with the fall of a stonepitt[?]  son of John Alderman
14 Nov 1651    [not named] BuckleRichard Buckle had a Child buryed wch was not baptized  child of Richard Buckle
25 Dec 1651    Susannah [not known]Susannah Wright wid. was buried the 25th December 1651  wife/widow of [male] Wright

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
17 Mar 1651/52    Theophylus SerjeantTheophylus Serjeant the Sonne of Thomas Serjeant  son of Thomas Serjeant
21 Mar 1651/52    Francis LaddFrancis Lad the Sonne of Robert Lad  son of Robert Lad
06 Apr 1652    Elinor [not known]Elnor Codsbrooke the wife of John Codsbrooke Senior  wife/widow of John Codsbrooke
21 May 1652   c. 27yJohn ChapmanJohn Chapman  son of Roger Chapman
Jul 1652    Edmund HulliokEdmund Hulliok of Thorpe   
02 Aug 1652    Frances PultonFrancis Pulton gentlewoman was buryed the second day of August 1652   
16 Aug 1652    Mary SharpeMary Sharpe the daughter of Henry Sharpe  daughter of Henry Sharpe
04 Sep 1652   c. 1y 3mAnne Seamaster  daughter of Peeter Seamaster
11 Sep 1652    Frances [not known]Frauncis Alderman the wife of Richard Alderman  wife/widow of Richard Alderman
15 Oct 1652    Katheryne [not known]Katheryne Buckell the wife of Richard Buckell  wife/widow of Richard Buckle
28 Oct 1652   c. 3y 6mJohn Ward  son of John Ward
12 Dec 1652    Edward Lole   
23 Dec 1652    Frances PultonMris Francis Pulton the Daughter of George Pulton Esqr  daughter of George Pulton

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
21 Jan 1652/53    Elizabeth WatsonElizabeth Warr the wife of Robt Warr  wife/widow of Robert Warre
11 Feb 1652/53    Lawrence WatsonLawrance Watson   
16 Feb 1652/53    Alice [not known]Alice Codgbrooke the wife of John Codgbrooke  wife/widow of John Codgbrooke
02 Mar 1652/53   c. 2mStephen Sage  son of John Sage

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
09 Feb 1663/64    William Codsbrook   
16 Feb 1663/64    William DavisWilliam Davis  son of George Davies

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
29 Aug 1669    Thomas BrettThomas Brett   
12 Sep 1669    Ann [not known][Ann's burial was recorded in the baptism record of her sons]  wife/widow of Thomas Panter
20 Dec 1669    Thomas Panter  son of William Panter

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
04 Jan 1669/70   c. 6wkAnn RobinsonAnn the daughter of William Robinson  daughter of William Robinson
21 Jan 1669/70   c. hours only[male] Miller[burial recorded with twin sister Elizabeth's burial]  son of John Miller
23 Jan 1669/70   c. 2dElizabeth MillerElizabeth the daughter of John Miller was buried Ja: 23 1669 he had a Son buried the 21 day but he was not baptized gemelli erant  daughter of John Miller
05 Feb 1669/70    Thomas GarrotThomas Garrot son in law to Richard Lole buried   
07 Feb 1669/70   c. 3dRebekah PatemanRebekah the daughter of Rowland Pateman  daughter of Rowland Pateman
16 Feb 1669/70    Philip PanterPhillip the Son of Thomas Panter  son of Thomas Panter
28 Mar 1670   71yJohn Panter   
07 Jun 1670    Ann BrettAnn the daughter of Thomas Brett  daughter of Thomas Brett
24 Aug 1670    Thomas GilbertThomas Gilbert   
28 Aug 1670    Thomas Pain   
30 Aug 1670    Elinor [not known]Elnor Mekins widdow  wife/widow of [male] Mekins
06 Oct 1670    William RobinsonWilliam Robinson laborer   
  2 hrs[female] Woolman  daughter of Henry Woolman
04 Nov 1670    Alice [not known]Alice the wife of Richard Yeom [remainder torn]  wife/widow of Richard Yeomans
07 Nov 1670    Elizabeth WoolmanElizabeth daughter of Henry Woolman  daughter of Henry Woolman
26 Dec 1670    Bridget [not known]  wife/widow of John Wymant
26 Dec 1670    John PalmerDecember 26 Mr John Palmer and Bridget the wife of John Wymon both buried. They departed this life on Christmas day in the morning both. And on St John be brought to Church together one stood in one Isle and the other in the Middle Ile during the time of prayer and preching both rest in hope   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
02 Jan 1670/71    Robert RobinsonRobert the Sonne of William Roberson  son of William Robinson
05 Mar 1670/71    William ClarkeWilliam the Sonne of William Clarke  son of William Clarke
01 Jun 1671    John SilbeyJohn the Sonne of John Silbey  son of John Silbey
13 Jun 1671    Frances [not known]June 13th Frances the Wife of John Miller and John the son of John Miller an Infant buried both in one grave  wife/widow of John Miller
13 Jun 1671   InfantJohn MillerJune 13th Frances the Wife of John Miller and John the son of John Miller an Infant buried both in one grave  son of John Miller
27 Jul 1671    Elizabeth [not known]Elizabeth Leyland the wife of Wm Leyland  wife/widow of William Leyland
14 Aug 1671    Jane [not known]Jane the wife of Rowland Pateman  wife/widow of Rowland Pateman
30 Nov 1671    Ann BarkerAnn Barker buried spenster   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
19 Jan 1671/72   65y[female] CraddockMis Craddock buried aged 65 years or there abouts   
20 Mar 1671/72    Thomas Rowledge   
29 Apr 1672    [female] PalmerMis Palmer buried the 29 April   
07 May 1672    Catherine PultonCatherine Pulton the daughter of Ferdinando Pulton Esq buried May 7th   
May? 1672    John YeomansJohn Yeamons the Son of Thomas Yeamons  son of Thomas Yeomans
May? 1672   InfantBridget WymanBridgett the daughter of John Wyman an Infant buried  daughter of John Wyman
May? 1672   78Thomas LoakeThomas Loake an Antient Man about 78 buried   
07 Sep 1672    Richard LeaRichard Lea an antient Man a Wheelright buried   
03 Oct 1672    Mary RippingMary Alderman the wife of Will Alderman buried aged 7...  wife/widow of William Alderman
22 Oct 1672    William HillWilliam Hill the Son of Francis Hill  son of Francis Hill
06 Nov 1672   19yGiles GroocockGiles the Sonn of Thomas Groocock aged about 19  son of Thomas Groocock
09 Nov 1672    John AtkinsJohn Atkins husbandman   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
07 Jan 1672/73    Edward AllenEdward Allen buried Laborer   
02 Feb 1672/73   13wkSarah AtkinsSarah the daughter of Rachel Atkins buried an infant about 13 weeks old: whose father was buried November 9  daughter of John Atkins
28 Feb 1672/73    Luke BurkeLuke Burke and Irishman a traveller buried   
24 May 1653    Mary [not known]Mary the wife of Thomas Holioake of Thorpe[?] Underwood  wife/widow of Thomas Holioake
29 May 1653    Mary Cheaney  wife/widow of William Midlebrooke
31 Jul 1673   82yJohn PackanJohn Packan old man buried aged about 82   
12 Aug 1673    Jane [not known]August 12th Goodwife Jane East widdow  wife/widow of [male] East
11 Sep 1673    Alice Corby  wife/widow of Thomas Serjeant

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
11 Feb 1673/74    Elizabeth IliffeEliz... the daughter of John Iliff  daughter of John Iliffe
02 Mar 1673/74    William RowerWilliam Rower an old man buried   
13 Mar 1673/74   c. 1wkWilliam SilbeyWilliam the son of John Silby an infant  son of John Silbey
15 May 1674   c. 1y 2wkThomas MillerThomas the Son of John Miller an infant  son of John Miller
13 Jul 1674    Temperance [not known]  wife/widow of William Cupid
08 Sep 1674   c. 4y 2mHannah BarnesHanna the daughter of John Barns  daughter of John Barnes
24 Sep 1674    Mary Gifford  wife/widow of Ferdinando Poulton
10 Dec 1674    Susannah RowledgeSusannah Rowledge spinster buried   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
07 Jul 1675    Mary SnowMary Snow   
18 Feb 1674/75    John HowtonJohn Howton the Son of Paul Howton  son of Paul Howton
23 Feb 1674/75    Dina MiddlebrookDina Middlebrook an old poor Woman   
19 Mar 1674/75   c. 2mThomas WilliamsThomas the son of Rodger Williams  son of Rodger Williams
12 Apr 1675    Catherine [not known]Catherine Chapman buried widdow  wife/widow of [male] Chapman
09 Jun 1675    Elizabeth [not known]Elizabeth the wife of John Wyman  wife/widow of John Wyman
Jul? 1672   InfantThomas PanterThomas the son of Anthony Panter buried an Infant  son of Anthony Panter
01 Nov 1675   c. 23yRebecka Andrewes  daughter of William Andrews

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
11 Jan 1675/76    John WardJohn Ward Clarke   
26 Jan 1675/76    Dorothy [not known]Dorothy Lad Widdow  wife/widow of Robert Ladde
09 Feb 1675/76   80Annes LoakeAnnes Loake An old Woman buried: 80 years   
07 Mar 1675/76    [female] [not known]Widdow Rogers   
05 Aug 1676    Mary [not known]  wife/widow of Thomas Groocock
05 Aug 1676    Mary [not known]Mary the wife of Richard Lole  wife/widow of Richard Lole
29 Sep 1676    Sisley [not known]Sisley the wife of Richard Clarke  wife/widow of Richard Clarke
13 Oct 1676    Elizabeth BayleyElizabeth the daughter of Joseph Bayley a poore traveller having no abiding came to this[?] town[?] with his family & the infant died in Robert Warr's Barn being ill before  daughter of Joseph Bayley
22 Oct 1676    Grace [not known]October 22 Old Widdow Pateman  wife/widow of Thomas Pateman
16 Dec 1676    James HillJames Hill   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
07 Feb 1676/77    [not named] WoolmanA Crisom child of Henry Woolman buried  child of Henry Woolman
16 Feb? 1676/77    Elinor RowledgeElinor Rowledge a poore woman buried   
Feb/Mar 1676/77    William Cupid   
13 Mar 1676/77   c. 1wkRichard ButlinRichard the Son of Sarah Butlin base born buried. Richard Clarke the Supposed Father  son of Sarah Butlin
01 Apr 1677   c. 1wkMary ChambersMary the daughter of Humphery Chambers  daughter of Humphry Chambers
03 Apr 1677   24yRodger WilliamsRodger Williams a dier buried 24   
09 Apr 1677   18yWilliam WardWilliam Ward the son of John Ward buried aged 18  son of John Ward
12 Apr 1677   c. 9mBenjamin LoleBenjamin the Son of Richard Lole  son of Richard Lole
22 May 1677    Mary WymanMary Wyman, spenster   
10 Jul 1677   c. 2y 9mWilliam GutteridgeWilliamthe Sonne of Will: Gutheridge  son of William Gutteridge
21 Dec 1677   c. 3dElizabeth WatsonElizabeth the daughter of Phillip Watson  daughter of Philip Watson

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
   [male] Ginns  son of Thomas Ginns
05 May 1678    George BurkGeorge Burk of Littleberry near Safforn Waldon in the County of Norforck, coming from Leice Faire Mistaking his way rode into the river & was drowned May the 2nd. And after inquisition made was buried May the 5: 1678   
21 Jul 1678   c. 1y 2mMary AldermanMary the daughter of Rich Alderman  daughter of Richard Alderman
31 Aug 1678    Elizabeth [not known]Elizabeth Haseldine Widdow buried the first that was buried in Wollan according to the late Act of Parliament  wife/widow of William Hasselden
18 Oct 1678    John BrabrookeJohn Brabrooke   
12 Nov 1678    John WymanJohn Wyman   
09 Dec 1678    Elizabeth SharpeElizabeth Sharpe   
17 Dec 1678    George MoodyGeorge Moody a seaman   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
03 Jan 1678/79   c. 2y 11mElizabeth WilliamsJanuary 3 Elizabeth Williams buryed  daughter of Rodger Williams
18 Mar 1678/79   InfantMary TreshamMary de Tresham an Infant buried   
03 Apr 1679   c. 1dWilliam GutteridgeWilliam the Son of William Gutheridge  son of William Gutteridge
25 May 1679    John LoakeJohn Loake   
21 Jun 1679   c. 4mRobert LentonRobert the Son of John Lanton  son of John Lenton
30 Jul 1679    Joan WillisJone Willis   
06 Sep 1679   c. 3wkMartha ClarkeMartha the daughter of Will Clarke  daughter of William Clarke
07 Sep 1679    Frances CoeFrances Coe spinster   
09 Dec 1679    Ezekiel CampionEzekell Campion   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
12 Nov 1695    Edward CoeEdward Coe   
19 Aug 1695    Henry CorbyHenry Corby   
03 Jun 1695    Cicely [not known]Cicely the wife of Thomas Clarke  wife/widow of Thomas Clarke

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
22 Jan 1730/31    Henry LentonHenry Lenton   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
01 Jan 1747/48    Susanah WaymantSusanah Dakins widow  wife/widow of George Dawkins

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
04 Aug 1842    Joshua Cursley  son of Joseph Cursley

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
24 Feb 1869    Epinctus Cursley  daughter of Joseph Cursley

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
26 Aug 1870    Samuel Panter   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
02 Jan 1873    Joseph Cursley   

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
06 Jun 1886    Sarah Marlow  wife/widow of Joseph Cursley

BurialAgeNameSource Text 
05 May 1890   50Eliza Humphreys  wife/widow of Henry Vines

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