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Robert Razzell

NameRobert Razzell     descendant tree, etc
FatherCaleb Razzell
MotherElizabeth Wilkins
Born28 Oct 1860  (source: Birth Certificate)
Baptised25 Nov 1860  at Charlwood, Surrey  (source: Parish Register)
Married (1) Helen Headington  at Register Office, Camberwell, London, 18 Mar 1889  (source: Marriage Certificate  )
Married (2) Lizzie Hillier  at St Antholin, Nunhead, London, 10 Jan 1892  (source: Marriage Certificate  )
Died22 Jan 1914  at 91 Linden Grove, Peckham, London  (source: Death Certificate)

1841 Census

1851 Census

1860 (non census address/occupation)
Charlwood Horley, Surreysource: Birth Certificate, birth registered 06/11/1860
Caleb Rassell Farm Labourer
Elizabeth Rassell formerly Wilkins
Robert Rassell1wk

1861 Census : Charlwood, Surrey
72Shed Boult Barn[?] no. 2Census date: 7 April 1861
Caleb RazzellHead Mar 35 Ag Lab Horley  Surrey B M D
Elizabeth RazzellWife Mar 32 Charlwood  Surrey B M D
John RazzellSon 10 Scholar Horley  B M
George RazzellSon twins{ 7 Scholar Charlwood  B M
Ann RazzellDaur twins{ 7 Scholar Charlwood  B M D
William RazzellSon 6 Scholar Charlwood  M
Joseph RazzellSon 4 Scholar Charlwood  M
Alfred RazzellSon 2 Charlwood  B M
Robert RazzellSon 5m Charlwood  B M D

1871 Census : Horley, Surrey
59Lodgers CottageCensus date: 2 April 1871
Caleb RozzelleHead M 45 A C Servant Charlwood  Surrey B M D
Elisabeth RozzelleWife M 43 Charlwood  B M D
Joseph RozzelleSon 15 Charlwood  M
Alfred RozzelleSon 12 Charlwood  B M
Robert RozzelleSon 10 Charlwood  B M D
Fruse[?] RozzelleDaur 9 Charlwood  B M
Rachell RozzelleDaur 7 Charlwood  B M
Lizzie RozzelleDaur 4 Horley  Surrey M
Albert RozzelleSon 2 Horley  B M D
Francis RozzelleSon 11m Horley  B

1881 Census : Aldershot, Hampshire
Royal Artillery BarracksCensus date: 3 April 1881
Robert RazzellDriver Unm 20 Driver RA Reigate  Surrey B M D

1881 (non census address/occupation)
Woolwichsource: Army Service Records
Robert Razzell Enlisted, C Battery 2nd Brigade Royal Artillery, 10 March 1881

1882 (non census address/occupation)
Egypt, Africasource: Army Service Records
Robert Razzell Served in Egypt from 9 Aug 1882 to 19 Mar 1883. Clasp for Tel-el-Kebir (2nd Egyptian War)

1883 (non census address/occupation)
Englandsource: Army Service Records
Robert Razzell Served at Home from 20 Mar 1883 to 6 Sep 1883

1883 (non census address/occupation)
Indiasource: Army Service Records
Robert Razzell Served in India from 7 Sep 1883 to 11 Nov 1887

1887 (non census address/occupation)
Englandsource: Army Service Records
Robert Razzell Served at Home from 12 Nov 1887 to 9 Mar 1893

1889 (non census address/occupation)
5, Blue Anchor Lane Peckham, Camberwellsource: Birth Certificate, birth registered 31/12/1889
Robert Razzell General Labourer
Helen Jane Razzell 19d

1891 Census : Camberwell, Peckham, London
95Scylla Road no. 25Census date: 1 April 1891
Caleb RazzellHead M 43 Labourer (General) Charwood  Surrey M D
Ann RazzellWife M 38 Wilshamsted  Beds M D
Ann E RazzellDaur 13 Peckham  D
Elizabeth RazzellMother Wid 63 Charwood  B M D
Robert RazzellBrother Widr 30 Labourer Charwood  B M D
William MartinLodger S 24 Signalman not known 
Robert's baby daughter, Ellen Jane, was being looked after by another brother, Alfred, and his wife Sarah

1901 Census : Camberwell, Peckham, London
90Hollydale Rd no. 227Census date: 31 March 1901
Robert RazzellHead M 40 Builders Labourer Red Hill  Kent B M D
Lizzie RazzellWife M 32 Peckham  London B M D
Ellen RazzellDaur 11 Peckham  B M D
Rose RazzellDaur 8 Peckham  M
Lizzie RazzellDaur 1 Peckham  B

1911 Census : Camberwell, Peckham, London
288Linden Grove, Nunhead no. 91Census date: 2 April 1911
Robert RazzellHead M 50 General Labourer Horley  Surrey B M D
Lizzie RazzellWife Mar 20y
  born: 4
  living: 4
45 Peckham  London B M D
Rosie RazzellDaur S 18 General Servant Domestic Nunhead  London M
Lizzie RazzellDaur 11 School Nunhead  B
Robert RazzellSon 6 Nunhead  B M D

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