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Alfred Razzell

NameAlfred Razzell     descendant tree, etc
FatherCaleb Razzell
MotherElizabeth Wilkins
Born1859  (source: England & Wales Census)
Baptised1 May 1859  at Charlwood, Surrey  (source: International Genealogical Index)
Married Sarah Ann Piercy  24 Dec 1882  (source: England & Wales BMD Indexes  1882 q4 Camberwell v1d p1349)

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census : Charlwood, Surrey
72Shed Boult Barn[?] no. 2Census date: 7 April 1861
Caleb RazzellHead Mar 35 Ag Lab Horley  Surrey B M D
Elizabeth RazzellWife Mar 32 Charlwood  Surrey B M D
John RazzellSon 10 Scholar Horley  B M
George RazzellSon twins{ 7 Scholar Charlwood  B M
Ann RazzellDaur twins{ 7 Scholar Charlwood  B M D
William RazzellSon 6 Scholar Charlwood  M
Joseph RazzellSon 4 Scholar Charlwood  M
Alfred RazzellSon 2 Charlwood  B M
Robert RazzellSon 5m Charlwood  B M D

1871 Census : Horley, Surrey
59Lodgers CottageCensus date: 2 April 1871
Caleb RozzelleHead M 45 A C Servant Charlwood  Surrey B M D
Elisabeth RozzelleWife M 43 Charlwood  B M D
Joseph RozzelleSon 15 Charlwood  M
Alfred RozzelleSon 12 Charlwood  B M
Robert RozzelleSon 10 Charlwood  B M D
Fruse[?] RozzelleDaur 9 Charlwood  B M
Rachell RozzelleDaur 7 Charlwood  B M
Lizzie RozzelleDaur 4 Horley  Surrey M
Albert RozzelleSon 2 Horley  B M D
Francis RozzelleSon 11m Horley  B

1881 Census

1891 Census : Croydon, Surrey
392Princess Rd no. 30Census date: 1 April 1891
Alfred RazzellHead M 32 General Labourer Charwood  Surrey B M
Sarah A RazzellWife M 32 Peckham  Surrey B M D
Eleanor RazzellDaur 7 Croydon  Surrey M
Robert RazzellSon 5 Croydon 
Caleb RazzellSon 3 Croydon 
Ellen J RazzellNiece 1 Peckham  B M D
Ellen Jane's mother had died soon after the birth. Her father, Robert, was staying with his oldest brother Caleb at this census

1901 Census : Croydon, Surrey
210Sunny Bank no. 22Census date: 31 March 1901
Alfred RazzellHead M 42 Coal Porter Horley  Surrey B M
Sarah RazzellWife M 42 Peckham  Surrey B M D
Eleanor RazzellDaur S 17 Living at home Croydon  Surrey M
Robert RazzellSon S 15 Grocer's Assistant Croydon 
Caleb RazzellSon 13 Houseboy[?] Croydon 

1911 Census : Croydon, Surrey
215Sunny Bank no. 22Census date: 2 April 1911
Alfred RazzellHead Widowed 52 Coal Laborer Charwood [sic]  Surrey B M
Rhoda PeirceyHousekeeper S 45 Lambeth  Surrey
Rhoda's father was Charles Peircey, born 1842 Lambeth. Appears to be no connection with Alfred's late wife Sarah Ann Piercy.

1939 Census

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