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Kezia Cormack

NameKezia Cormack     descendant tree, etc
FatherJames Cormack
MotherSarah Ann Wood
Bornabout 1852  (source: England & Wales BMD Indexes)
Married (1) Henry Thomas Brown 
Married (2) Adam Wood 

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census : Clapham, Surrey
114High StCensus date: 7 April 1861
James CormackHead Mar 38 Gardener Woodford  Essex B M D
Sarah Ann CormackWife Mar 36 Lamtorn [?]  Essex M
Sarah Elizabeth CormackDaur 11 Whitechapel  Middlesex B M D
Kisiah CormackDaur 9 Loughton  Essex B M
James Benjamin CormackSon 7 Loughton  B
Isibella CormackDaur 9m Wandsworth  Surrey B
Ann WoodM in Law Widow 71 Harlow  Essex M

1871 Census : Lambeth, Brixton, London
117Ely Terrace no. 3Census date: 2 April 1871
James CormackHead Mar 50 Hot Water Engineer Woodford  Essex B M D
Sarah A CormackWife Mar 47 Abridge  Essex M
Keziah CormackDaur Un 19 Longton  Essex B M
James B CormackSon Un 17 Hot Water Engineer Longton  B
Isabella CormackDaur 10 Wandsworth  Surrey B

1881 Census : Limehouse, London
239Plough. Repton StCensus date: 3 April 1881
Adam WoodWidower M 49 Bar Retailer Essex  M D
K BrownNiece[?] Widow 29 House Keeper Essex  B M
Henry BrownSon 5 Essex 

1891 Census : Limehouse, London
49Matlock St no. 28Census date: 1 April 1891
Adam WoodHead Mar 56 Retired Publican Abridge  Essex M D
Relgia WoodWife Mar 40 Loughton  Essex B M
William WoodSon 15 Junr Clerk (Docks) Camden Twn 
Charles WoodSon 1 Limehouse 
Sarah CormackVisitor Widow 64 Living on own means Abridge  Essex M
"Relgia" is probably the enumerator's mis-reading of his own handwriting (for "Kezia")
William Wood may be a son of Adam by his 1st wife or possibly the same person as "Henry Brown", son of Kezia and her 1st husband

1901 Census : Limehouse, London
43Matlock St no. 28Census date: 31 March 1901
Adam WoodHead Mar 60 On own means Essex  M D
Tereza WoodWife Mar 50 Essex  B M
Charles WoodSon 11 Limehouse 
Sarah CormackWife's Mother Widow 80 Essex  M

1911 Census

1921 Census

1939 Census

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