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Edward Marlow


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   3748 1.0 Edward Marlowmale
1826 Mother: Sarah Marlow    b. 28 Jan 1749 / 50 at Desborough (apparently unmarried)
Baptism: 24 Mar 1773 at Desborough (source reads 'Edward the son of Sarah Marlow') Bp Transcripts Desb
Burial: 09 Dec 1808, aged 35y, at St Giles, Desborough (source reads 'Edward Marlow aged 35') Bp Transcripts Desb

Married: Jane Coe  at Desborough after Banns, 08 Nov 1802 (marriage source reads: Edward Marlow and Jane Coe by Banns) Bp Transcripts Desb
b. about 1775, at DesboroughCensus
Baptism: 14 Aug 1803 at Desborough (source reads 'Sarah Dr of Edward & Jane Marlow') Bp Transcripts Desb
Burial: 06 Jun 1886 at St Giles, DesboroughParish Reg

Mother of the following, apparently unmarried, child's father unknown
IGI shows mother as Sarah Marlow, no father given. 1881 census confirms that Sarah Cursley (nee Marlow) is his mother
Baptism: 18 Sep 1826 at DesboroughIGI
Death: about 1903, age: 76yBMD
Married: Elizabeth Cable  about 1858BMD
b. about 1825, at Norwich, NorfolkCensus

   27314.1 James George Marlowmale
Birth: about 1861, at Windsor, BerkshireCensus

   27324.2 Sarah Marlowfemale
Birth: about 1864, at Montreal, CanadaCensus
Married: Charles Carew Dillon  1890BMD
b. about 1862, at Manthorpe, LincolnshireCensus

Married: Joseph Cursley  at Desborough 18 Nov 1830Parish Reg
b. about 1806, at DesboroughCensus
Birth: 03 Jun 1832, at DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Baptism: 08 Jul 1832 at Wesleyan Chapel, DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Married: (1) William Buckby  about 1852BMD
bap. 01 Nov 1827 at DesboroughIGI

   65864.1 Sarah J Buckbyfemale
Birth: about 1857, at DesboroughCensus

   65874.2 Edwin Buckbymale
Birth: about 1858, at DesboroughCensus

Married: (2) William Petchell  about 1867BMD
b. about 1807, at Stamford, LincolnshireCensus

   65844.1 Rebecca Petchellfemale
Birth: about 1867, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus

   65854.2 Mary Petchell   also known as Minnie E Petchellfemale
Birth: about 1872, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus
Birth: 11 Dec 1833, at DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Baptism: 19 Jan 1834 at Wesleyan Chapel, DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Married: Samuel Loake  1858BMD
b. about 1831, at Rothwell, NorthamptonshireCensus

   140214.1 Henry Loakemale
Birth: about 1859, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus

   140224.2 Frederick Loakemale
Birth: about 1860, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus

   1313.3 Joshua Cursleymale
Birth: 01 Sep 1835, at DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Baptism: 10 Jan 1836 at Wesleyan Chapel, DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Burial: 04 Aug 1842 at St Giles, DesboroughParish Reg

   1323.4 Samuel Cursleymale
Birth: 29 May 1837, at DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Baptism: 25 Jun 1837 at Wesleyan Chapel, DesboroughWesleyan Reg
Birth: about 1841, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Byzantia Payne  at Desborough 31 Mar 1861Parish Reg
b. about 1840, at DesboroughCensus

   75314.1 Emma Cursleyfemale
Note: 1901 census show her as 'wife' and 'single', but age and place of birth fit Emma, George's daughter
Birth: about 1862, at DesboroughCensus

   75324.2 Albert Cursleymale
Birth: about 1864, at DesboroughCensus

   75334.3 Arthur Cursleymale
Birth: about 1866, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   75344.4 Samuel Cursleymale
Birth: about 1868, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   75354.5 Sarah Cursleyfemale
Birth: about 1869, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   75364.6 Elizabeth Cursleyfemale
Birth: about 1869, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   75374.7 George Cursleymale
Birth: about Nov 1870, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   135104.8 Thomas Cursleymale
Birth: about 1872, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   135114.9 Mary Ann Cursleyfemale
Birth: about 1875, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   135124.10 Reuben Cursleymale
Birth: about 1877, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   135134.11 Harry Cursleymale
Birth: about 1880, at Sawley, DerbyshireCensus

   1343.6 Epinctus Cursleyfemale
Birth: about 1843, at DesboroughCensus
Burial: 24 Feb 1869 at St Giles, DesboroughParish Reg

Additional information:

   37582.2 Mary Marlowfemale
Baptism: 28 Aug 1808 at Desborough (source reads 'Mary Daughr of Edward & Jane Marlow') Bp Transcripts Desb
Burial: 23 May 1838, aged 29, at St Giles, DesboroughNBI



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