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Joseph Crick


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   850 1.0 Joseph Crickmale
845 Father: George Crick    bap. 05 May 1793 at Desborough    d. 05 Apr 1849
846 Mother: Jane Cole Binley    b. 1789    d. 13 June 1854
Baptism: 23 Apr 1832 at DesboroughIGI

Married: Eliza Kilborn  before 1835Est. from child
b. about 1835, at DesboroughCensus

   8532.1 Eliza Jane Crickfemale
Birth: about 1854, at DesboroughCensus
Birth: about 1856, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Jane Blunsom  1877BMD
b. Apr 1855, at DesboroughCensus

   98363.1 Henry Crickmale
Birth: about 1877, at DesboroughCensus

   98343.2 Alice M Crickfemale
Birth: about 1879, at Northampton, NorthamptonshireCensus

   98353.3 Kate Evelyn Crickfemale
Birth: about 1879, at Northampton, NorthamptonshireCensus
Married: George Pridmore  1907BMD
b. about Mar 1881, at DesboroughCensus

   126724.1 Leonard George Pridmoremale
Birth: about 1910, at DesboroughCensus

   8552.3 Frederick Joseph Crickmale
Birth: about 1857, at DesboroughCensus

   8562.4 Charles Henry Crickmale
Birth: about 1859, at DesboroughCensus
Baptism: 16 Mar 1859 at DesboroughIGI
Death: 1863BMD
Birth: 1860, at DesboroughBMD
Death: 13 Dec 1929 , at Desborough, age: 70yProbate
Probate: 18 Mar 1930  executors, etc
Married: Sarah Ann Rowlett  1884BMD
b. about 1865, at DesboroughCensus
Separated from wife before Aug 1916 (army records)
Birth: about 1885, at DesboroughCensus

Additional information: Army Service (01 Aug 1916 - Nov 1919)
Married: Alice Margurite Tomkins  at Kettering, Northamptonshire 30 Dec 1903WW1 Army
b. about 1885, at DesboroughCensus

   100364.1 Alfred Crickmale
Birth: 25 Apr 1904, at DesboroughWW1 Army

   45573.2 Archer Crickmale
Birth: about 1890, at DesboroughCensus
Birth: about 1892, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Agnes Webb  at Ewell, Surrey before 1912WW1 Army

   100394.1 Frederick William Crickmale
Birth: 11 Oct 1912, at Epsom, SurreyWW1 Army

   94153.4 Frank James Crickmale
Birth: about 1898, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 25 Sep 1936 , at Desborough, age: 39yProbate
Probate: 15 Oct 1937  executors, etc
Married: Dorothy Helen Burditt  1930BMD
b. about 1894, at DesboroughCensus
Birth: about 1863, at DesboroughCensus

Additional Information: BMD Announcements
Married: Tersa Kendall  at Desborough 27 Apr 1886Mercury
b. about 1863, at Birmingham, WarwickshireCensus

   53183.1 Frederick Arthur Crickmale
Birth: about 1887, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Winifred Miriam West  at Rothwell, Northamptonshire 25 Dec 1915WW1 Army
b. 1893BMD

   53193.2 George William Crickmale
Birth: about 1889, at DesboroughCensus

   53203.3 Ernest Crickmale
Birth: about Mar 1891, at DesboroughCensus
Birth: about 1864, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Isabella Kendall  1892BMD
b. about 1869, at Rothwell, NorthamptonshireCensus

   93243.1 Alice M Crickfemale
Birth: about 1893, at DesboroughCensus

   93253.2 Charles F Crickmale
Birth: about 1898, at DesboroughCensus

   93263.3 Florence J Crickfemale
Birth: about 1900, at DesboroughCensus
Married to Mary Ann Ginns, but not clear which one
Birth: about 1865, at DesboroughCensus
Birth: about Nov 1893WW1 Army
Baptism: 28 Jun 1896 at DesboroughIGI
Married: Ada Perkins  at Kettering, Northamptonshire 23 Mar 1912WW1 Army

   100414.1 Kathleen May Crickfemale
Birth: 24 Jun 1912, at DesboroughWW1 Army

   50533.2 Arnold Cecil Crickmale
Birth: about Jun 1896WW1 Army
Baptism: 28 Jun 1896 at DesboroughIGI

   85633.3 Percy Henry Crickmale
Birth: about Dec 1900, at DesboroughCensus
Baptism: 29 Jun 1902 at DesboroughIGI

   169643.4 Albert Edward Crickmale
Baptism: 29 Jun 1902 at DesboroughIGI

   15892.9 Ellen Laura Crick   also known as Helen Laura Crickfemale
Birth: about 1868, at DesboroughCensus
Married: John Henry Barber  about 1890BMD
b. about 1866, at Stanton by Dale, DerbyshireCensus

   167523.1 Mabel Ellen Barberfemale
Birth: 1890, at DesboroughCensus

   167533.2 Alice Barberfemale
Birth: 1893, at DesboroughCensus

   167543.3 Florence Barberfemale
Birth: 1894, at DesboroughCensus

   167553.4 Dorothy Barberfemale
Birth: 1899, at DesboroughCensus

   15902.10 Thomas Henry Crickmale
Birth: about 1869, at DesboroughCensus

   15912.11 Florence Maud Crickfemale
Birth: about 1870, at DesboroughCensus

   8582.12 Kate Evelyn Crickfemale
Baptism: 13 Sep 1872 at DesboroughIGI
Birth: about 1874, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Edith Buckby  about 1900BMD
b. about Mar 1881, at DesboroughCensus

   94513.1 Florence Maud Crickfemale
Birth: about Aug 1900, at DesboroughCensus
Baptism: 07 Jul 1905 at DesboroughIGI
Birth: about 1877, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Bertie Lancaster Thompson  1896BMD
b. about 1877, at DesboroughCensus

   98313.1 Mabel Evelyn Thompsonfemale
Birth: about 1897, at DesboroughCensus
Baptism: 06 Jun 1897 at DesboroughIGI

   98323.2 Ivy A Thompsonfemale
Birth: about 1899, at DesboroughCensus

   98333.3 Florence M Thompsonfemale
Birth: about Feb 1901, at DesboroughCensus



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