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Jane Cole Binley


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   846 1.0 Jane Cole Binleyfemale
2315 Father: John Binley
2316 Mother: Hannah Cross

Married: George Crick  at Desborough 12 Apr 1819IGI

   8472.1 George Crickmale

William's second wife was his first wife's sister-in-law.
Married: (1) Kitty Essex  at Rothwell, Northamptonshire 08 Dec 1846IGI

   12453.1 George Essex Crickmale

   78553.1 Emma Crickfemale

   78563.2 Mary I Crickfemale

   78573.3 Lizzie Crickfemale
Possibly the twin of William

   78583.4 William Crickmale
Possibly the twin of Lizzie

   78593.5 Joseph Crickmale

   78603.6 Marian Crickfemale

   78613.7 Herbert Crickmale

Married: Eliza Kilborn  before 1835Est. from child

   8533.1 Eliza Jane Crickfemale

   8563.4 Charles Henry Crickmale

Separated from wife before Aug 1916 (army records)
Married: Alice Margurite Tomkins  at Kettering, Northamptonshire 30 Dec 1903WW1 Army

   100365.1 Alfred Crickmale

   45574.2 Archer Crickmale

Married: Agnes Webb  at Ewell, Surrey before 1912WW1 Army

   100395.1 Frederick William Crickmale

   94154.4 Frank James Crickmale

   8583.6 Kate Evelyn Crickfemale

Additional Information: BMD Announcements

Census Details: at Desborough in 1871 1881 1891 1901 -:-
Married: Tersa Kendall  at Desborough 27 Apr 1886Mercury

   53184.1 Frederick Arthur Crickmale
Married: Winifred Miriam West  at Rothwell, Northamptonshire 25 Dec 1915WW1 Army

   53204.3 Ernest Crickmale

   15893.9 Ellen Laura Crick   also known as Helen Laura Crickfemale

Married to Mary Ann Ginns, but not clear which one

Married: Ada Perkins  at Kettering, Northamptonshire 23 Mar 1912WW1 Army

   100415.1 Kathleen May Crickfemale

   50534.2 Arnold Cecil Crickmale

   85634.3 Percy Henry Crickmale

   169644.4 Albert Edward Crickmale

   45732.6 Sybil Crickfemale



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