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This page lists people with the Christian name Kate who were present at some time in Desborough. In some cases parents and siblings have been included even where they have no direct link to Desborough, as it helps clarify relationships between those who were linked to Desborough.

Note that dates shown as "est." have been estimated as 16-18 years before the date of a marriage or the birth of the first child. The actual date may prove to be much earlier.

Christian NameBirt/BaptPlaceFatherMotherSpouse
Kate Elizabeth1851   Silvers       Henry Burgess  
Kate Ellen1862   Rothwel   Charles Bosworth   Matilda Rowthorn   Frederick Richard Whitby  
Kate Elizabeth1865   Holcot       Thomas Worth  
Kate1869   Clipsto   James Buswell   Hannah Palmer    
Kate1870   Desboro   George Payne   Ann Thorpe    
Kate1870   Northam   Owen Rowthorn   Maria Cosford    
Kate1871   Ketteri   James Thorpe   Ann Sharman   Alfred Linton  
Kate Evelyn1872   Desboro   Joseph Crick   Eliza Kilborn    
Kate Elizabeth1872   Desboro   Josiah Panter   Louisa Turner   John Harry Coe  
Kate1872   Ketteri   Charles Bambridge   Anne Ginns    
Kate Ellen1872   Northam   Alfred Kilborn   Mary Elizabeth Rush    
Kate Elizabeth1873   Desboro   Fielding Coe   Ann Turner   James Russell  
Kate Ann1874   Desboro   William Deacon Tailby   Amelia Rose Mee   John Allen Ginns  
Kate1874   Desboro   Ernest Charles Walker   Hannah Rowthorn    
Kate1874   Far Cot   Henry Chaplin   Selina Perkins    
Kate1876   Desboro   Frederick Marlow   Clara Marlow   Frederick Joseph Coe  
Kate Mary1876   Wootton   John Burton   Elizabeth Gilbert    
Kate Evelyn1877   Desboro   Joseph Crick   Eliza Kilborn   Bertie Lancaster Thompson  
Kate1878   Desboro   Frederick Morris   Sybil Panter   Tom Harry Capp  
Kate1878   Desboro   Elam Grain Page   Frances Wallis   Charles Murray  
Kate1878   Braybro   James Yeomans   Kezia Holmes    
Kate Annie1878   Desboro   Caleb Marlow   Mary Palmer    
Kate1878   Desboro   George Feakin   Sarah [not known]    
Kate1878   Thorpe   Joseph Allan Dines   Jane Jones    
Kate1878   Welling     Caroline Noble   Richard Vickers  
Kate Mary1879   Clerken   John Bosworth   Annie Hickman   Harry Grove ;
William Johnson  
Kate Evelyn1879   Northam   George William Crick   Jane Blunsom   George Pridmore  
Kate Annie1880   Desboro   William Marlow   Annie Crick    
Kate1882   Desboro   John Elkington   Eliza Coe    
Kate L1882   Sibbert   George York   Esther Wells    
Kate Isabel Mary1884   Desboro   Mark Keep   Louisa Veasey   Owen Panter  
Kate E1885   Desboro   Luke Freeman   Sarah Ann Holt    
Kate1885   Desboro   John Coe   Sarah [not known]    
Kate1885   Rothwel   William Baines Kilborn   Elizabeth Slow    
Kate1886   Ketteri   Miller Freer   Ellen Coe    
Kate1887   Desboro   Henry Buckby   Elizabeth Binley    
Kate1888   Desboro   William Hales   Ann Turner    
Kate1889   Desboro   James Stratford   Mary Panter    
Kate Agnes1890   Desboro   Joseph Wallis   Emma Yeomans   Albert Ashley Coe  
Kate1890   Desboro   John George Merrill   Ada Page   William George Holmes  
Kate1890   Desboro   George Johnson   Jemima Page    
Kate M1891   Desboro   Frederick Richard Whitby   Kate Ellen Bosworth    
Kate Ellen1891   Desboro   Joseph Clarke   Catherine [not known]    
Kate Elizabeth1892   Desboro   George William Bassett   Naomi Sturman    
Kate1893   Desboro   Daniel Feakin   Eliza Panter    
Kate1895   Desboro   John Thomas Mitchell   Ada Morris    
Kate1895   Desboro   Alfred Robert Baines   Lucy Allen    
Kate Elizabeth1897   Desboro   Alfred Barratt   Emily Burton    
Kate Evelyn1899   Desboro   Arthur Coe   Esther Horsley    
Kate A1900   Ketteri   Frederick William Coe   Charlotte Elizabeth Smart    
Kate1906   Desboro   Arthur William Panter   Frances Maud Mitchell    
Kate1906   Desboro   Samuel Robert Coe   Emily Selina Johnson    
Kate1907   Desboro   Thomas Manton   Julia Panter    
Kate1909   Desboro   John Allen Ginns   Kate Ann Tailby    

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