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Parish Records: Marriages

203 marriage records extracted to date. Click on a name to see full details.

DateGroomBrideSource Text
12 Jun 1845  Jonathan LewinEmma Matts

DateGroomBrideSource Text
01 Jun 1589  William MantonIsabel Codsbrooke1589 Jun 1st William MANTON married Isabel CODSBRROKE

DateGroomBrideSource Text
24 Nov 1615  Henry WrightElizabeth WarnerHarry Wright & Eliz Warner both of this parish

DateGroomBrideSource Text
22 Jan 1615  John WardAgnes NumanJohn Warde & Agnes Numan both of this parish
05 Oct 1616  William AnstyeJoane GrayWm Anstye of Rothwell & Joan Gray of this parish

DateGroomBrideSource Text
10 May 1617  William PanterMary CodsbrookWm Panter & Mary Codsbrooke both of this parish
18 Oct 1617  Robert ChapmanJane Denys
07 Nov 1617  Daniel LoleMary DicksDaniell Lole & Mary Dicks both of this parish

DateGroomBrideSource Text
03 Oct 1618  John BentleyEllen WestonJohn Bentley & Ellen Weston
26 Nov 1618  John DrageCatherine WatsonJohn Drage of Little Hokley* & Catherine Watson of this parish

DateGroomBrideSource Text
24 Apr 1619  Robert MekinsFrances NumanRobt Mekins & Frances Numan both of this parish
15 May 1619  John AndrewsAnne BateJohn Andrews & Anne Bate
21 Aug 1619  Richard SkinnerElizabeth SpencerRichard Skinner & Eliz Spencer
18 Sep 1619  John BretteDorothy BenetteJohn Brette & Dorothy Benette

DateGroomBrideSource Text
29 Jul 1620  Roger ChapmanSusanna ChapmanRoger Chapman & Susanna Chapman

DateGroomBrideSource Text
09 Jun 1621  Henry GroocockElizabeth ChapmanHenry Grococke & Eliz Chapman

DateGroomBrideSource Text
15 Jan 1621  John SmithElizabeth MantonJohn Smith & Eliz Manton
09 May 1622  Edward YeomansMary WrightEdward Yeomans & Mary Wright
29 Oct 1622  Lewis SaundersElizabeth ElliotteLewis Saunders & Eliz Elliott

DateGroomBrideSource Text
30 Jun 1623  William WatkinDorothy DixWm Watkin of North Kilworth & Dorothy Dix of this parish

DateGroomBrideSource Text
13 Jun 1624  Edward CobbeJoan TebotteEdward Cobbe of Rothwell & Joan Tebotte of this parish
06 Sep 1624  Owen TompsonAlice RobinsonOwen Tomson & Alice Robinson

DateGroomBrideSource Text
22 Jan 1624  Francis FreebornSusan SharpeFrancis Freeborn of Geddington & Susan Sharpe of this parish
06 Nov 1625  John HolteElizabeth CodsbrookJohn Holte & Eliz Codsbrooke

DateGroomBrideSource Text
Feb 1625  Robert BrayeSusan Reynolds
20 Apr 1626  Robert MiddlebrookDinis BillRobt Middlebrooke & Dinis Bill
25 Jul 1626  John HillSusan LambeJohn Hill of Lester (gent) & Mrs Susan Lambe of Rothwell
23 Nov 1626  Thomas KirkeJane BrettThos Kirke of Thorpe Malsor & Jane Brett of this parish

DateGroomBrideSource Text
20 Jan 1626  John BurtonJoan SmithJohn Burton of Easton Magna, Leics., & Joan Smith of this parish
30 Jan 1626  William DurvilleEmm RadgdaleWm Durvill of Arthingworth & Emm Radgdale of Ould als Wold
04 Sep 1627  Henry DexterEllen SaundersHenry Dexter (being but 7 weeks a widdower) & Ellen Saunders of this parish

DateGroomBrideSource Text
11 Jul 1628  Thomas SuttonElizabeth HewardThos Sutton of East Farndon, Northants & Eliz Heward of this parish
09 Aug 1628  Thomas RowledgeEllen DanielsThos Rowledge of Stoke Albany & Ellen Daniel of this parish
03 Dec 1628  Giles BosworthSara BullGiles Bosworth of Clipston, bachelor, & Sara Bull of Clipston

DateGroomBrideSource Text
before 1648  John WardMary [not known]John Ward and       before I Came but where & how I know not
Jul 1648  Abraham ColesonAnne AshlyeAbram Colson & Anne Ashlye married in July 1648 In the Same manner [previous line says 'where & how I know not']
Aug 1648  John SageKatherine SpencerJohn Sage and Katherine Spencer of Flecknay his wife married in August in the Same manner [previous line says 'where & how I know not']
Aug 1648   [female] PantherWilliam Panther had a Sister married in the Like manner about August 1648 [previous line shows 'where & how I know not']
29 Nov 1648  Thomas YeomansEllen PackeThomas Yeomans & Ellin Packe both of Desborow was married p Bana
Dec 1648  Thomas SerjeantAlice CorbyThomas Serjannt of Desborow Alice Corby Lamport ware marryed I know not where

DateGroomBrideSource Text
02 Mar 1648  Peeter SeamasterElizabeth [not known]Peeter Seamaster of Desborow & Elizbeth       of Great Billing was married p bana 2 March 1649
25 Apr 1649  William HarraldJoane ColesWilliam Harrald of Brigstocke & Jane Coles of Clipston
19 May 1649  William AndrewsMary [not known]William Andrewes of Desborow & Mary of Harrington
21 Oct 1649  George MeakinsGodith LusnamGeorg Meakins of Desborow & Goodith Lusnam of Farndon

DateGroomBrideSource Text
28 Jan 1649  Ferdinando PoultonMary GiffordMr Fardinando Pulton said to bee Married the 28th January 1649. But nothing presented to mee of it for to record
04 Feb 1649  John LoakeElizabeth GroocockeJohn Loake said to bee married to Elizabeth Groococke the 4th of February 1649. But where & by whom not professed to mee
19 Apr 1650  Richard LoleHannah BraynesRichard Lole of Desborow & Hannah Braynes of neather Heyford
25 Apr 1650  Simon BrettMary LoleSimon Brett of Rowell & Mary Lole of Desborow
11 Jun 1650  John StiffeFrances [not known]John Stiffe of Desborow and Francis      
23 Jun 1650  John KnightMary SerjanntJohn Knight of Howton & Mary Serjannt of Desborow married the day before Midsomer Day 1650 but where is not knowne
29 Jun 1650  Richard BrayneHannah WakelingRichard Brayne of Desborow & Hannah Wakeling of Cranford
29 Jun 1650  Thomas KnightMary SerjanntThomas Knight of Hucott & Mary Serjannt of Desborow
02 Nov 1650  John WatsonBridget AtkinsJohn Wattson of Desborow & Bridget Atkins of Desborow
25 Dec 1650   Margaret HillJames Hills daught Margaret Said to bee Married at Christmas 1650 in Lincolnesher and brought bed beying of Conf. at her fathers howse in Desborow the Child Dead

DateGroomBrideSource Text
04 Feb 1650  William CodsbrookAnne DayWilliam Codsbrooke of Desborow and Anne Day[?] of Great Oxendon was marryed the 4th day of February 1650 but where I know not
05 Feb 1650  Thomas CampionAnn LoakeThomas Campion of Hocott & Anne Loake of Desborow
31 Mar 1651  William MidlebrookeMary CheaneyWilliam Midlebrooke of Desborow & Mary Cheaney of Great Oakly
11 Sep 1651  Robert RockeAnne JamesRobert Rocke of Pichely & Anne James of Harrington
17 Sep 1651  George RowellJoan ChapmanGeorge Rowell of Wilbarston & Joane Chapman of Rowell
16 Dec 1651  John StiffeAlice SheldenJohn Stiffe of Desborow and Alice Shelden of Thrapson

DateGroomBrideSource Text
04 Aug 1652  William CupidTemperance [not known]William Cupid of Desborow & Temper       of       was marryed the 4th day of August 1652 at Dipey
12 Oct 1652  Robert MunnAlice EellsRobert Munn of Rowell & Alice Eells of Brampton
15 Oct 1652  Henry ParkerJane HarrisonHenry Parker of Rowell & Jane Harrison of Carleton
30 Oct 1652  John HaywardElizabeth ShealdJohn Hayward & Elizabeth Sheald both of Brampton

DateGroomBrideSource Text
25 Jun 1653  John Codsbrooke[female] [not known]John Codsbrooks of Desborow and         of Bowden magna
04 Aug 1653  Thomas HarperMary RobinsonThomas Harper & Mary Robinson both of Rothewell
29 Aug 1653  Edward DeaconAnne WrightEdward Deacon & Anne Wright both of Desborow

DateGroomBrideSource Text
21 Jun 1664  John BarnesAnn CodsbrookJohn Barnes of Rowell and Anne Codgbrooke of Desborough

DateGroomBrideSource Text
19 Aug 1669  Edward WymanSusannah IsotonEdward Wimon and Susanna Isoton both of Desbor
14 Oct 1669  William SammonRuth BarrettWilliam Sammon of Middleton in the parish of Cottinghm and Ruth Barrett of Ashby
20 Nov 1669  Nathaniel PalmerMary BassettNathaniel Palmer and Mary Bassett of Kettering
14 Dec 1669  William ClarkeMartha KingWilliam Clarke of Desborow and Martha King of Sibbatot in the County of Northampton were married December 14 1669 P[?] Licentiam

DateGroomBrideSource Text
28 Apr 1670  John AtkinsRachell AllenJohn Atkins of Desborough and Rachell Allen of Dingley
20 Jul 1670  Cornelius SewellSarah SharpCornelius Sewell of Desborow & Sarah Sharpe of Lanham in the Count of Rutland were married at Hallaton
12 Oct 1670  Robert DayElizabeth WhitRobert Day servant to Richard Lole and Eliz Whit of Barford in the parish of Glendon
01 Nov 1670  John LentonMary WalterJohn Lenton & Mary Walter both of Desborow
26 Nov 1670  William NurseyMary CampionWilliamNursey and Mary Campion both of Desborow

DateGroomBrideSource Text
27 May 1671  John VialsSarah HumpheryJohn Vials of Orton and Sarah Humphery of Rowell
28 May 1671  Thomas KirkAlice UnderwoodThomas Kirk of Rowell and Alice Undertwood of Brabrook
02 Jul 1671  Thomas YarnamMary PerkinsTho: Yarnam of Sibbatot and Mary Perkins
24 Aug 1671  William PeakeElizabeth AlwinkleWilliam Peake of Midleton and Elizabth Alwinkle of Cottingham married p licentiam
28 Sep 1671  Philip WatsonElizabeth BurditPhillip Watson and Elizabeth Burdit of Pipwell in the parish of St Peters Rushton
05 Oct 1671  William CookeMargaret WellsWilliam Cooke and Margaret Wells both of Rowell
17 Oct 1671  Abraham GoodmandElizabeth CleyAbraham Goodmand and Eliz: Cley of Rowell
19 Oct 1671  Richard LillymanRuth WatsonRichard Lillyman and Ruth Watson of Rushton
24 Oct 1671  Richard AldermanElizabeth WymanRichard Alderman of Desborow and ELizabeth Wyman of Orton
31 Oct 1671  Richard [not known]Elizabeth AllenRichard         And Elizabeth Allen of Isham
31 Oct 1671  Thomas ParkerMary GoodmanTho Parker & Elizabeth Goodman
11 Nov 1671  John MillerEleanor CozbrookJohn Miller and Elnor Coxbrook both of Desborow
17 Nov 1671  James BlockleyMartha GabettJames Blockley and Martha Gabett married p licentiam

DateGroomBrideSource Text
15 Jan 1671  Samuel LawfordMary RichardsSamuell Lawford of Cransley and Mary Richards of Kettering
04 Jun 1672  Edward AllenElizabeth SharpEdward Allen and Elizabeth Sharp both of Desborough
28 Jul 1672  William GutteridgeRuth MantonWilliam Gutteridge and Ruth Manton of Oxon were married at Dingley p licentiam
28 Jul 1672  Symon ClerkAlice BradleySymon Clerk and Alice Bradley of Rowell
04 Aug 1672  Christopher SmithMary AldermanChristopher Smith and Mary Alderman both of Desborough
29 Oct 1672  John LithallSarah BillenJohn Lithall of Kelmas in this County and Sarah Billen of Desborow servant to Mr Andrewe
30 Nov 1672  Richard YeomansGrace HarrisRichard Yeomans of Desborough and Grace Harriss

DateGroomBrideSource Text
07 Jan 1672  William SandersMary PultonWilliam Sanders Esq and Mrs Mary Pulton sd to be Married p licentiam
09 Jan 1672  Christopher VoinMary DruryMr Christopher Vioin of Tharp Waterfield in this County and Mrs Mary Drury of Kettering Married p licentiam
26 Jan 1679  Richard RobinsonMary PridmoreRich: Robinson & Mary Pridmore of Wellen...
27 Jan 1672  Rodger WilliamsElizabeth PorterRodger Williams and Elizabeth Porter both of Desborow
25 May 1673  Thomas BayleyJane FaulknerThomas Bayley of Broughton and Jane Faulkner of Thorp Malsor were married one Trinity Munday at which time there were such a flood at Rowell Bridge that the bridegroome and bride and many hundred more faint be caried over. never any saw[?] such a water at the ford. plenty of water little good beere
31 May 1673  Samuel RogersJane GutteridgeSamuell Rogers and Jane Gutteridge both of Desborough married p licentiam
14 Sep 1673  John WelfordAlice RowellJohn Welford and Alice Rowell both of Desboroough married p banns
23 Nov 1673  Lewis EastAnn LoakeLewis East and Ann Loke both of Desborough maried p licentiam

DateGroomBrideSource Text
17 Jan 1673  Robert WarreRachel AtkinsRobert Warr & Rachell Atkins both of Desborough Married p ban
21 Apr 1674  Robert MooreHannah KingRobert Moore & Hannah King Married p Licence at Kelmas
24 Jun 1674  Thomas RichardsAlice MarsonThomas Richards & Alice Marson married p Ban
29 Jun 1674  Ferdinando PoultonJulia GartonFerdinando Pulton Esq & Mrs Julia Garton Married at London
17 Sep 1674  Richard LucasSarah BrabrookRichard Lucas of Lutterworth and Sarah Brabrook of Tharpe Malsor
11 Oct 1674  William PanterElizabeth PalmerWilliam Panter and Eliz: Palmer both of this psh
13 Oct 1674  Walter CurtisJane WymanWalter Curtis of Harradon gua[?] and Jane Wyman of this psh

DateGroomBrideSource Text
06 Jun 1675  Edward CoeMartha SageEdward Coe and Martha Sage both of this parish
11 Oct 1675  George EdwinElizabeth ClarkeGeorge Edwin & Eliz: Clarke both of Geddington Maried by Licence
15 Oct 1675  Thomas BuswellAnn JervisThomas Buswell And Ann Jervis both of Thorpe Malsor by banns
20 Nov 1675  John ClarkeSarah SmithJohn Clarke & Sarah Smith both of Brabrook were Married per banns

DateGroomBrideSource Text
20 Apr 1676  John MooreRebecah TibbatJohn More of Bragstock & Rebecah Tibbat of Rowell Married per banns
24 Apr 1676  Thomas LinnettAnn AndrewThomas Linnett of Ardingworth & Ann Andrew of this parish married by licence
22 Jun 1676  John CattellElizabeth DennisJohn Cattell of Broughton and Elizabeth Dennis of Orlingberry were Married per banns
03 Oct 1676  John ShortlandJudeth BrineJohn Shortland & Judeth Brine[?] both of Kettering married p banns
29 Oct 1676  Edward EagleMary SageEdward Eagle & Mary Sage both of this pish
27 Nov 1676  Andrew SewellAnn PackAndrew Sewell of Pisbrook in the County of Rutland & Ann Pack of this pish

DateGroomBrideSource Text
21 Feb 1676  Edward LoaleRebecka SmithEdward Loale of Rowell & Rebecka Smith were married p licence
25 Feb 1676  Thomas PorterHannah SeargiantThomas Porter & Hannah Seargiants both of this parrish were married p banna
26 Feb 1676  John BringhurstFrances CaldecoteJohn Bringhurst of Caldecot in the County of Rutland & Frances Caldecot of Carleton were marrid p ban
28 Mar 1677  Hugh LucasMary Scott Hugh Lucas of Cranfort & Mary Scott of Orton Were married p licentiam
28 Apr 1677  Elias CrowellHannah SmithCrowell of Turlangton in the County of Leicester & Hannah Smith of East Farndon were Married by banns
22 May 1677  Thomas WatsonAlice TomlinTho: Watson of Gamly in the County of Cambridge & Alice Tomlin of Bragstock in this County
07 Oct 1677  John MeddowsGrace PanterJohn Meddows & Grace Panter both of Desborough
08 Oct 1677  George ParkerAlice LaddGeorge Parker of Wilbarston & Alice Ladd of this pish
Nov 1677  Edward Wikes[female] [not known]Edward Wikes of Rockingam        

DateGroomBrideSource Text
15 Jan 1677  Thomas AustinMary HumphereyThomas Austin & Mary Humphery both of Rowellwere married p banna
24 Jan 1677  John AstonMary MunnJohn Aston of Seaton in the County of Rutland and Hariat Munn of Rowell were married p Banna
27 Jan 1677  John LoakeMary WinsallJohn Loake & Mary Winsall both of this psh
31 Mar 1678  Edward FosterAnn DrakeEdward Foster of Stoke Albany & Ann Drake of this parrish
30 Jun 1678  Jonathan BayleeMary DaintyJonathan Baylee of Orton & Mary Dainty were married by banns
07 Oct 1678  Samuell GoodmanElizabeth BayleySamll Goodman & Elizabeth Bayley both of Rowell Married p banns
10 Oct 1678  James BoddimerMary TebbottJames Boddiman & Mary Tebbatt both of Rowell married p bana

DateGroomBrideSource Text
16 Feb 1678  Edward DaintyAnn PalmerEdward Dainty of Orton & Ann Palmer of this parrish married p banns
16 Feb 1679  Will MarlowAnn RobinsonWill Marlow of Rowell & Ann Robinson Married p banns
17 Apr 1679  Christopher FosnettElizabeth MooreChristopher Foscitt of Rowell & Elizabeth Moore of Desborough
May 1679  Thomas MunnMary BaxterTho Munn of Rowell & Mary Baxter of Clipson
14 Jun 1679  George DavisMary PonderGeorge Davis and Mary Ponder both of Rowell
25 Aug 1679  Joseph CoxheadElizabeth CollisJoseph Coxhead & Elizabeth Collis
23 Sep 1679  Richard HumphreyAnn SpeedRich Humphery & Ann Speed both of Rowell
05 Oct 1679  Thomas GrayAlice ClarkeThomas Gray & Alice Clarke of this parrish
Dec 1679  Thomas ShortlandSarah UnderwoodTho: Shortland & Sarah Underwood

DateGroomBrideSource Text
08 Feb 1679  George SmithJane PaneGeorge Smith & Jane Pane sd to be M...... at Harrington
08 Feb 1679  Edward HankinSusanna AldermanEdward Hankin & Susannah Alderman both of Rowell
23 Mar 1679  Thomas YasquineMary SheardThomas Yasquine And Mary Sheard both of Kettering
14 Apr 1680  Anthony LoleAlice OlliverAnthonie Lole & Ailce Olliver both of this parrish
06 May 1680  William BanmoreJudith ShortlandWilliam Banmore & Judithy Shortland married at Orton
08 Jun 1680  Joseph BournAnn CarlJoseph Bourn of Wilbarstone & Ann Carl of Desborough
01 Aug 1680  William LentonChristian WattWilliam Lenton of Thorpe Lanton & Christian Watt of Wilbarston were married the first of August being Sunday per licence
12 Sep 1680  Samuell EllittElizabeth BakerSamll Ellitt of Desborough & Elizabeth Baker of Rowell married p banns
08 Oct 1680  John MunnJane JeninnsJohn Munn of Orton & Jane Jeninns of Rowell Maried by banns
10 Oct 1680  Thomas WestAilce NorrisThomas West & Ailce Norriss both of Rowell
14 Oct 1680  Henry DexterRebecca BeurnHenry Dexter of Midleton & Rebecca Beurn of Carlton married by licence
07 Nov 1680  John ClarkeSusanna WilfordJohn Clarke & Susanna Wilford both of Desborough
26 Nov 1680  Richard BuckleAnn BarnsRichard Buckle & Ann Barns both of D
27 Nov 1680  John TrueSusannah LangleyJohn True & Susannah Langley both of Kettering

DateGroomBrideSource Text
07 Jan 1680  Robert BrownJane LentonRobert Brown of Leicest & Jane Lenton of Desborough married by Licence
05 Feb 1680  Richard TrueAnn SeargeantRichard True of Ashley & Ann George of Desborough
30 Jun 1681  James PageMary ClarkeJames Page & Mary Clarke both of Rowel

DateGroomBrideSource Text
24 Jun 1695  John CoeMary BibberJohn Coe and Mary Bibber
13 Jul 1695  John PageCatherine PanterJohn Page and Catherine Panter
26 Aug 1695  Anthony FosterMary CortAnthony Foster and Mary Cort
07 Oct 1695  John HarrisElizabeth WallisJohn Harris and Elizabeth Walles
09 Oct 1695  Thomas ClarkeMary BringhurstThomas Clarke and Mary Bringhurst

DateGroomBrideSource Text
01 Jan 1695  Thomas WallisMary NurseyThomas Wallis and Mary Nursey

DateGroomBrideSource Text
26 Aug 1697  Arthur Jones[female] [not known]Arthur Jones and [illegible]

DateGroomBrideSource Text
01 Feb 1697  Edward MartynElizabeth TibbetEdward Martyn Batch and Elizabeth Tibbet Spinster
22 May 1698  William WatsonBridget Brettp Banns William Watson Bat: and Bridget Brett
05 Jun 1698  John MeadowsSarah Smithp Banns John Meadows of Rothwell and Sarah [???] of the parish of Walgrave

DateGroomBrideSource Text
22 Apr 1701  Thomas FosterElizabeth EagleThomas Foster and Elizabeth Eagle
22 Apr 1701  William PanterMargaret Robinsonp. Banns Wm Panter and Margaret Robinson
16 Oct 1701  Thomas ClarkeSarah KirkeThomas Clarke and Sarah Kirke Spinstr
13 Nov 1701  John LentonCatherine RoeJohn Lenton Bat: and Catherine Roe Spin:
15 Nov 1701  William MillerMary KingWilliam Miller Widower and Mary King

DateGroomBrideSource Text
02 May 1702  John SageAnne Woolmanp. Banns John Sage Bat: and Anne Woolman both of Desb
05 May 1702  John BarrattJoane Lentonp. Banns John Barrett Bat: and Joane Lenton Spinstr both Desb
20 Jun 1702  Robert HessaldineSarah Viallsp. Banns published 3 times at Rowell Robt Hesaldine Batch: and Sarah Violls Spinster both of Rowell
28 Oct 1702  William GoodmanSusan Dexterp. Banns published 3 times at Rowell William Goodman Batch: and Susan Dexter Spinstr: both of Rowell
05 Nov 1702  Christopher PageAnn Toselandp. Banns 3 times published at Rowell Christopher Page[?] Batch: and Ann Toseland Spinstr: both of Rowell

DateGroomBrideSource Text
17 Sep 1703  Thomas HolbertElizabeth NurseyTho: Albert and Elizabeth Nursey

DateGroomBrideSource Text
10 Mar 1703  George DawkinsSusanah WaymantGeorge Dawkins and Susannah Waymant
10 Oct 1704  Richard ApriceMartha CoeRichd Aprice[?] and Martha Coe

DateGroomBrideSource Text
06 Apr 1795  Thomas CoeJane Gamble

DateGroomBrideSource Text
11 Mar 1811  William LoakeRachel Sweet

DateGroomBrideSource Text
13 Jun 1813  James TimpsonSarah Essam
19 Sep 1813  William JarvisAnn Paine
8 Apr 1813  Bartholomew CoxAlice Dawkins

DateGroomBrideSource Text
14 Apr 1825  Edward CoeAnn Page

DateGroomBrideSource Text
18 Nov 1830  Joseph CursleySarah Marlow

DateGroomBrideSource Text
21 Dec 1840  George PageElizabeth Clarke

DateGroomBrideSource Text
05 Jan 1849  James AsherEliza Robinson

DateGroomBrideSource Text
31 Mar 1861  George CursleyByzantia Payne

DateGroomBrideSource Text
26 Dec 1869  Frederick KilbornMaria Ann Cheney

DateGroomBrideSource Text
31 Dec 1870  George Thomas PlumbAnn Elizabeth Chater

DateGroomBrideSource Text
31 Mar 1872  Charles PanterElizabeth Ann Summerley

DateGroomBrideSource Text
25 Dec 1877  Thomas BosworthMary Ann Liner

DateGroomBrideSource Text
07 Oct 1880  Montague YeomansPhoebe Coulthard

DateGroomBrideSource Text
19 May 1889  Benjamin CheneyAnnie Pelley

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