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Eliza Yeomans


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   664 1.0 Eliza Yeomansfemale
657 Father: Thomas Yeomans
658 Mother: Mary [not known]

Married: Samuel Coe  1852BMD

Also recorded in 1861 with his grandparents Thomas and Mary Yeomans
Married: (1) Hannah [not known]  before 1878Est. from child1894BMD

   58693.1 John S Coemale

   58703.2 Mary A Coefemale

   88343.3 Theresa Coefemale
Married: Frederick Marlow  1902 (marriage source reads: Frederick Charles Marlow & Theresa Coe)BMD

   88353.4 Archer Coemale

   169503.5 Beatrice Clara Coefemale

   169513.6 Beatrice Coefemale

   6742.3 Edwin Coe   also known as Edward Coemale

Married: Brian Tyrrell  1877BMD

Married: Frederick Turner  1900BMD

   172754.1 Evelyn Turnerfemale

   172764.2 Frederick Turnermale

   172774.3 Minnie Turnerfemale

   172784.4 Charles Edward Turnermale

Mother of the following, apparently unmarried, child's father unknown

   172704.1 Beatrice Ann Tyrrellfemale

   172714.1 Hilda May Stratfordfemale

   172724.2 Fred Stratfordmale

   20993.4 Charles Edward Tyrrellmale
Surname written 'Tirrell' in army records

   172693.5 Rose Ann Tyrrellfemale

Married: Jane Smith  1886Census

   59393.2 Florence Coefemale

   59403.3 Annie Coefemale

   94753.4 Emma Coefemale

   94763.5 Frank Coemale

   94773.6 Minnie Coefemale

   94783.7 Alice Beatrice Coefemale

   173153.8 William Coemale

   173163.9 Ernest Samuel Coemale

   33972.7 Mary J Coefemale

Mother of the following, apparently unmarried, child's father unknown

   59413.1 Samuel Coe   also known as Samuel Frazermale

   98993.1 Mabel Fraserfemale

   99003.2 Isabella Fraser   also known as Bella Fraserfemale

   99013.3 William Frasermale

   170153.4 Clifford Frasermale

   170533.5 Thomas Frasermale

   34002.10 Mary J Coefemale

   34012.11 Joseph Coemale

Married: Walter Panter  at Kettering, Northamptonshire 03 Aug 1901WW1 Army

   100653.1 Walter Charles Pantermale

   100663.2 Annie Panterfemale

   100673.3 Winifred Florence Panterfemale

   171983.4 John Samuel Coe   also known as John Samuel Coe Pantermale



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