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John Wallis


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   11397 1.0 John Wallismale

Married: Frances [not known]  before 1728Est. from child

Married: Esther Patrick  at Desborough 27 Oct 1764 (marriage source reads: John Wallis of Desborow and Easther Patrick of Bozeat)Bp Transcripts Desb

Married: Ann Marlow  at Desborough after Banns, 21 Oct 1788 (marriage source reads: Thos Wallis and Ann Marlow both of this parish by Banns)Bp Transcripts Desb

Married: Samuel Coe  before 1831Est. from child

   1185.1 Mary Ann Coefemale

Married: Thomas Manton  1899BMD

   97487.1 Edith Mantonfemale
Married: Frank Brown  1925BMD

   97497.2 Mabel Mantonfemale

   164487.3 Eva Mantonfemale
Married: Edgar Barlow  1930BMD

   164507.4 Clara Eliza Mantonfemale

   164517.5 Kate Mantonfemale

   164527.6 Dorothy Violet Mantonfemale

Married: Eliza Marlow  about 1863BMD

Additional Information: BMD Announcements

Census Details: at Desborough in 1871 1881 1891 1901 -:-
Married: Charles Feakin  at Desborough 23 Jan 1888Mercury

   56537.2 Olive Ada Feakinfemale

   91147.3 Charles H Feakinmale

   35836.3 Eliza Coefemale

   35846.4 Harriett Coefemale

   90517.1 Rosezillah Coefemale

   173177.2 Rennie Coemale

   173187.3 Eva Coefemale

   35876.7 Maria Coefemale

   35886.8 Martha Coefemale

   57916.10 Marshall Coemale

Married: Evelyn Burgess  at Desborough 22 Aug 1915WW1 Army

   100267.1 Florence Ida Coefemale

Additional Information: BMD Announcements

Census Details: at Desborough in 1851 1861 1871 1881 -:-

   24876.1 Catherine Coefemale

   31346.3 Arthur Asher Coe   also known as Arthur Asher Warrmale

   31356.4 Joseph Charles Coe   also known as Joseph Charles Warrmale

   57876.5 Horace John Coe   also known as Horace John Warrmale

Married: William Crick  before 1815Est. from child

   50505.1 Jane Crickfemale

   50515.2 Maria Crickfemale

   50545.3 William Crickmale

   50575.4 John Crickmale

   50585.5 Samuel Crickmale

   72005.6 Samuel Crickmale

Married: Ann [not known]  before 1830

   65895.1 Thomas Wallismale

   65905.2 Ann Wallisfemale

   65925.4 Samuel Wallismale

   65935.5 Frances Wallisfemale
Married to Eli Goode (b. about 1830, Kettering)

   65955.6 Rebecca Wallisfemale

   65964.4 Thomas Wallismale

Additional Information: Newspaper Article

   66124.5 Elizabeth Wallisfemale

   66134.6 Jane Wallisfemale

No marriage record found for Fanny and John Hodges, but Lucy and Louisa Hodges' baptism records show their parents names as Fanny and John, and the girls were with Fanny's father in 1841
Married: John Hodges  before 1825Est. from child

   72025.1 Lucy Hodgesfemale

   72035.2 Louisa Hodgesfemale

   133694.8 Ann Wallisfemale

Married: Elizabeth Coe  at Desborough after Banns, 26 Oct 1801 (marriage source reads: John Wallis and Elizth Coe both of this parish by Banns)Bp Transcripts Desb

   53864.1 Elizabeth Wallisfemale

   54034.2 Sarah Wallisfemale

   66104.3 Ann Wallisfemale

   66114.4 Elizabeth Wallisfemale

Married: Jane Damms  at Desborough after Banns, 24 Jul 1791 (marriage source reads: Wm Wallis and Jane Dams per Banns)Bp Transcripts Desb

   66084.1 William Wallismale

   66094.2 Elizabeth Wallisfemale

   66023.4 Fanny Wallisfemale

No proof yet that the attached husband is the correct John Robinson (and family)
Married: John Robinson  at Desborough after Banns, 17 Apr 1791 (marriage source reads: John Robinson and Mary Wallis By Banns Both of this parish)Bp Transcripts Desb

Weaver [daughter Clarissa's baptism record]
Married: Sarah Swain  before 1824Est. from child

   3485.1 George Robinsonmale

Married: Thomas Kilborn  about 1852BMD

   16496.1 Mary Ann Kilbornfemale

   16506.2 George Thomas Kilborn   also known as Thomas Kilbornmale

   56267.4 Robert Kilbornmale
Married: Emma Stratford  1914BMD

   56277.5 Charles Kilbornmale

   56287.6 Lily Jane Kilbornfemale

   56297.7 Lewis Panter Kilbornmale

Additional Information: BMD Announcements

Census Details: at Desborough in 1891 1901 -:-

   88717.8 Ethel Kilbornfemale

   88727.9 Mary A Kilbornfemale

   88737.10 Blanch G Kilbornfemale

Married: (1) William Crisp  1847BMD

   31577.4 Crisp Painemale

   56557.8 Mary Ethel Paine   also known as Ethel Painefemale

   56567.9 Clara Annie Paine   also known as Annie Painefemale

   56577.10 Hannah Elizabeth Paine   also known as Elizabeth Painefemale

   3556.3 Agnes Alice Crispfemale

Married: (2) Thomas Kilborn  about 1859BMD

Married: (3) William Johnson  about 1881BMD

   84826.1 Septimus Swain Robinson   also known as Swain Robinsonmale

   84846.3 Maria Robinsonfemale

   84856.4 Harry Robinsonmale

   84916.5 Edwin Robinsonmale

   85026.6 Charles Robinsonmale

   85036.7 John W Robinson   also known as William Robinsonmale

   85046.8 Uriah Robinsonmale

   85056.9 Arthur Robinsonmale

Weaver [baptism record of Eli]
Married: Ann Heel  before 1830Est. from child

Year of baptism is not shown in Wesleyan record, but 1831 fits the sequence and seems likely
Married: James Asher  at St Giles, Desborough 05 Jan 1849Parish Reg

   41266.3 Mary A Asherfemale

   41276.4 James H Asher   also known as Harry J Ashermale

Married: Elizabeth [not known]  before 1864Est. from child

   84936.1 Ann Robinsonfemale

   84946.2 George H Robinsonmale

Married: Ann Aprice  before 1827Est. from child

Married: Elizabeth J [not known]  before 1895Est. from child

   93687.1 Annie Elizabeth Ginnsfemale

   8075.3 Ann Robinsonfemale

[Father and husband identified by contact Angela White]
Married: Joseph Ginns  at Desborough 17 Sep 1854IGI

   15546.5 Thomas Howard Ginnsmale

Additional Information: BMD Announcements

Census Details: at Desborough in 1871 1891 1901 -:-
Married: Emma Morris  about 1891BMD

   133704.6 Kitty Robinsonfemale

   136054.7 William Robinsonmale

   66043.6 Benjamin Wallismale

   66053.7 Ann Wallisfemale

   66063.8 John Wallismale

   66073.9 Hannah Wallisfemale

   113992.2 Hannah Wallisfemale

   114722.3 Mary Wallisfemale
Married: John Bringhurst  at Desborough 21 Jun 1763 (marriage source reads: John Bringist and Mary Wallis)Bp Transcripts Desb

   115342.4 William Wallismale

Married: William Savage  at Desborough after Banns, 22 Oct 1759 (marriage source reads: By Banns Wm Savage and Jane Wallis)Bp Transcripts Desb

   122353.1 John Savagemale

   123313.2 Thomas Savagemale

   124523.3 James Savagemale

   125883.4 Elizabeth Savagefemale



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